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Sweden Attractions

4.0 stars
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Stockholm Palace 4.0 stars
Entrance into Stockholm Palace has a variety of costs, depending upon what you would like to see. My friend and I decided that we were most interested in the crown jewels. Somewhat unexpectedly, they accepted American dollars along with Swedish ... [more ]
Gamla Stan 5.0 stars
The smallest statue in Stockholm can be found in Gamla Stan. Statue is made of iron and is a small boy that's less than one foot tall. It's in a courtyard near the Royal Palace and behind the Finnish church. Legend has it (or so we were told!) ... [more ]
Vasa Museum 4.0 stars
This museum is all about the Vasa ship, designed to be the pride of the Swedish Navy, that was launched on 10 August 1628 in the Stockholm harbour, and then promptly sank a couple of hundred metres later, to the great embarrassment of all ... [more ]
Södermalm 4.0 stars
The best thing with Södermalm is the cool atmosphere with lots of special boutiques, cosy cafés, and friendly people. When I was in London someone said to me that Shoreditch is like Södermalm, but multiplied with hundred. I think he was right. ... [more ]
Stockholm City Hall 4.0 stars
I think the City Hall in Stockholm is probably the most splendid building in Sweden (admittedly I've only been to Stockholm so this doesn't mean much!) but I've heard the Swedes are of the same opinion. The Blue Hall is famous for being the venue ... [more ]
Möllevangstorg 4.0 stars
Möllevångstorget, or Möllevång’s Square, is the most multicultural square in Malmö and definitely worth a visit. The Englishmen apparently call it Malmö’s Soho and many Danish people think it’s similar to Grøntorvet in Copenhagen, it’s just ... [more ]
Norins Ost 4.0 stars
There are two Norins Ost (Norins Cheese) shops in Linköping. This one is located Storgatan 54 and is just as well-liked as Norins Ost. I prefer this one better because their selection is better. If you are a vegan as I am at the moment, buy the ... [more ]
Lilla Brödboden 3.0 stars
Lilla Brödboden is a small and cozy bakery/patisserie on the city’s main shopping street Nygatan. The number to look for is 13. I like Lilla Brödboden because it is centrally located, they have very good open times, and they sell some of the most ... [more ]
Skansen 5.0 stars
The Skansen is an open air museum and zoo situated on Djugarden (spelling?). It's a really good place to go to because you can actually see something different to your ususal tourist attractions- this is supposed to be a way of remembering and ... [more ]
Turning Torso 4.0 stars
Turning Torso is one of the absolute must sees for first time visitors in Malmö. I saw this building first in 2006 and was really impressed by the architecture by Santiago Calatrava. Turning Torso is definitely one of his best works. The building ... [more ]
Åhléns City 5.0 stars
Åhléns City is a huge department store, may be even the biggest in Stockholm. I think it is great for tourist's one-stop shopping. Especially when it is cold outside in Winter you can just hide there and buy everything you need without running ... [more ]
Stadshuset and Riddarholmen Boat Tours 4.0 stars
I love to make boat tours in different places. Whenever there is a river, a lake, a see around I always use the opportunities. Everything looks different from the water, there is a totally new perspective. Stockholm is built on islands so boat ... [more ]
Lilla Torg 4.0 stars
Lilla Square is my second favourite square in Malmö. I think it's nice because the square has cobblestones and is surrounded by old houses. One of the oldest houses on Lilla Square is Hedmanska gården which is located next to a café on the north ... [more ]
Katarina Elevator 4.0 stars
It only cost 5 SEK, but the view from the Katarinahissen (Katarina Elevator) can actually be obtained for free. This is something we did not discover until we'd reached the top. There is a staircase on the opposite side that takes you all the ... [more ]
Storkyrkan 4.0 stars
In Gamla Stan you can find the lovely and beautiful Stockholm Cathedral. The Cathedral dates back to the 13th century. It's the oldest church in the city and literally translated, the name Storkyrkan means "The Great Church". This is the ... [more ]
Stockholm Metro 3.0 stars
Metro and bus lines are very convenient for moving in Stockholm. It is a little tricky though with ticket purchasing system. The best and the cheapest way is to go to Pressbyran shop (this is a small store with newspapers, magazines, coffees and ... [more ]
Cosmonova 5.0 stars
I sat back in my chair at what seemed to be completely the wrong angle for watching a movie. Above me, a kaleidoscope of colours and moving images swam before my eyes, mind blowingly enlarged, almost 3 dimensional in their exceptional clarity. In ... [more ]
Museum Gustavianum- Universitetsmuseum 5.0 stars
Uppsala is the capital of Uppsala County and the fourth largest city of Sweden with 128,400 inhabitants. I mean one more inhabitant and I think it would have surpassed my village, but that’s the beauty of these lands without people; they’re ... [more ]
Cycling along Kustvägen 5.0 stars
The road that leads to Steninge from the nearby village Haverdal is a beautiful way called Kustvägen. Kust means coast in Swedish. Kustvägen follows the sea, so the view is obviously really nice and if it’s really windy you can hear the crashing ... [more ]
Haircare 4.0 stars
Even though I like a hair salon I prefer to try another place the next time I need a new hair cut. The first time I was at Haircare was an early morning a few years ago. I like this hair salon because it is small and personal, rather quiet, the ... [more ]
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