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Switzerland Attractions

4.0 stars
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Zurich Opera House 4.0 stars
One of the entertainment attractions that I enjoyed during my stay in Zurich City was theZurich Opera House. Having opened its doors in 1891. With a sitting capacity of 1100 people and commanding a rich historical legacy, the Zurich Opera House ... [more ]
Grossmünster 4.0 stars
Just as St. Peter, Grossmünster is located in the old part of town. The difference is that the view from Grossmünster is much better than the view from St. Peter, especially at night when you can see all the lights. We were at the cathedral a ... [more ]
Swiss National Museum 4.0 stars
I remember so well when we were at the Swiss National Museum; it was a cold winter day in 2005. The museum is located between Zurich’s railway station and the park by the river. It’s definitely worth a visit, no matter if you travel alone, with ... [more ]
Geneva Water Jet 4.0 stars
One of Geneva’ main (and a little offbeat) attractions is the Jet d’Eau – a tall high-pressure waterspout along the edge of Lake Léman which is turned on at certain times during the day. If you walk down from the railway station to the lake ... [more ]
St. Peter 4.0 stars
So far I haven’t read about the St. Peter Church without seeing the fact that its clock face is the biggest in Europe. That is the most notable detail about St. Peter and probably why so many tourists choose to visit in the first place. Apart ... [more ]
Fraumünster 4.0 stars
I think Fraumünster is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Zurich. We were there one day in 2005 after a shopping round in the old town. We were walking along the river in the direction of the Münsterbrücke when we saw the church. Since we ... [more ]
Botanischer Garten 4.0 stars
The Botanical Garden (Botanischer Garten) of the University of Zürich is located at Zollikerstrasse 107. I was here a lot with the kids I took care of when I worked as a child care taker in Zürich. The three bubble shaped greenhouses have a humid ... [more ]
Musée Rath 4.0 stars
Place Neuve is home to Geneva's cultural trifecta: the Grand Theatre opera house, the music conservatory, and the Rath Museum. The Rath sits next to the Grand Theatre like the opera house's little sister, but don't let the size fool you–this ... [more ]
Paradeplatz 4.0 stars
The first time I saw Paradeplatz was after following Bahnhofsstrasse from the train station. The square is located about halfway down the street, between Zürich Hauptbahnhof and Lake Zürich. The central location makes it a great hub for trams and ... [more ]
Lake Zürich 4.0 stars
Lake Zürich or as the locals call it Zürisee is of course one of the famous sights and landmarks in Zürich and it is 40 kilometers in length and 3 kilometers wide. It starts from the water of the river Lindth and through canals it is channeled to ... [more ]
Zürich Hauptbahnhof 4.0 stars
The main railway station in Zürich is almost as beautiful as Grand Central Station in New York. It’s definitely one of the better train stations I have been to. Like the rest of Zürich everything is organized (the train departs punctually) and ... [more ]
Museum Rietberg 4.0 stars
Reitberg Museum can be located at Gablerstrasse 15 (take tram number 4 to Museum Reitburg). Reitburg museum consists out of Villa and Park Reiter, Villa Wesendonck and Haus zum Kiel. The majority of the Reitburg collection used to belong to a ... [more ]
Jardin des Anglais 4.0 stars
During my visit to the English Garden in Geneva, I was left without any doubts that the English Garden is true spectacle in Switzerland. The unique combination of flora that I viewed in the magnificent botanical garden rank among the most ... [more ]
Kunsthaus Zürich 5.0 stars
Kunsthaus is located at Heimplatz 1 and it can be reached by taking trams 3, 5, 8 or 9.. This museum is a must see for any art lover. The first sight that will greet you once you enter is the Rodin's Gates of Hell. Talk about dramatic entrance. ... [more ]
Château de Chillon 5.0 stars
This chateau sits right on Lake Geneva near Montreaux. It is built on a small rocky island and has been totally restored. There are beautiful courtyards, eery prisons and some fabulous wooden ceilings in the bedrooms and living areas. English ... [more ]
Bellevue 4.0 stars
To get from Tiefenbrunnen, the neighbourhood where I lived, to the centre of Zürich I had to take tram 2 or 4, both of them passes by Bellevue so I have lost count of how many times I have seen this square. Buses and tram number 5, 8, 9, 11 and ... [more ]
Chinagarten Zürich 4.0 stars
I must say, I was really surprised by this tourist attraction of Zurich. They have a chinese park right in the centre. This garden of park which was built as a gift from the chinese sister town of Kunming. The park is extremely clean and inside ... [more ]
Platzspitz 4.0 stars
I recently read that Platzspitz is one of the oldest park recreation areas in the city. We were there a lot of times, it’s the kind of place you want to visit again and again and again… no matter how many times you have already been there. The ... [more ]
Alpamare 4.0 stars
I had the pleasure of spending a Sunday afternoon here a few years ago. There are a vast selection of pools to choose from, some indoors and some outside. The outside pools have fantastic views looking across Lake Zurich towards Rapperswil-Jonas. ... [more ]
Rhine Fall 4.0 stars
The Rhine Fall in Schaffhausen is the largest fall in Europe. First of all I must recommend seeing the falls from the side of Switzerland. They have the best view of the falls. From the German side its only possible to see the source of the ... [more ]
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