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Syria Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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Crac de Chevaliers, Near Homs

Built in the 1100s by the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem this is probably the best preserved and most immense crusader castle in the Middle East. Easily reached from Homs via a shared taxi this place is an essential stop on any trip through the Middle East.

The castle itself is sprawling and high and can easily occupy even the most fickle of visitor’s attentions for a few hours. Highlights include The Great Hall, The Stables and the many ominous towers which still loom as big from below as they ever did. The views from the top, which you share with hundreds of circling swallows, are unbelievable. It seems that you can see most of Syria from up there. (As was probably... [more ]

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1. The Omayyad Mosque’s courtyard
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2. Souk Hamidiyyeh
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3. Azem Palace
4.0 stars
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