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Michoacán de Ocampo Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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Patzcuaro (Magical Town)

Patzcuaro is one of my favourite Mexican towns; it has an island in the middle of a lake. The Island is a really small but beautiful town which hosts the biggest street market I have ever seen.
The island is more of a small mountain and on top of the mountain there is a statue used also as a museum since it has many murals representing Mexico’s history.
The town is full of crafts shops, local hand made candy shops, food, and many other interesting things. When you see the island from the distance and at night, it looks as if it was a mountain on fire, because of all the shops that are there.
I loved it and I recommend it one hundred percent. There you can also eat... [more ]

Sayulita (Alternative beach)

Sayulita is a great alternative beach in Michoacan; if you are into surfing... [more ]

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1. Fonda
Tlalpujahua de Rayón
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