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27 Charcos - Nature's Water Park

After that, we went from fall to fall, our guide helping us to find the best spots and easiest routes. Sometimes the slippery rocks or a shallow pool needed to be handled just right, but he knew EXACTLY how to do this right, even showing us where to jump into the pools.
I think that one of the waterfalls, about 35 feet high, was the highest point from which I've jumped. It took a LONG TIME to hit the water- long enough you have time to actually think about what you're doing, and how simply amazing this is.
At the end, we were exhausted. We walked down a path, out of the jungle and back to the kiosk to return our equipment. We thanked our guide, and gave him a big... [more ]

27 Charcos - Nature's Water Park

Each group gets some safety equipment, water shoes, and a guide that knows... [more ]

27 Charcos - Nature's Water Park

Just past Imbert we saw a small sign pointing down a dirt road that ran... [more ]

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1. Riu Mambo - All Inclusive
Soufflet Grande
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