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Tokyo Garden

Surprisingly enough, there is just one Japanese restaurant that I know of which is located in Fresno, California, called Tokyo Garden. Well, at least they don't have local competitors, but even if they did, I figure that this restaurant would still reign supreme.

Patrons are served by waitresses dressed in beautiful traditional kimonos as they sit inside the zen-like tatami rooms here at Tokyo Garden, which, all in all, adds up to make a wonderful Asian experience.

Their food here is quite good with a large range of dishes from shabu-shabu, tempura, steamed clams, sashimi and much, much more, including one of my favourites here: broiled lobster casserole.... [more ]

Doug-Out Cookies

I suppose you could call me the Cookie Monster when it comes to sweets, as my... [more ]

Sequoia Brewing Company

Sequoia Brewing Company began brewing beer back in 1989 and are still holding... [more ]

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