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Laguna Beach Vacations, Tourism and Travel

3.0 stars

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Bamboo Bar and Grill

As it’s attached to the Holiday Inn, the Bamboo Bar and Grill was the nearest place to eat breakfast. There were healthy options such as fruit platters or not so healthy options such as cooked American breakfasts or even burritos (only 70miles to the Mexican border). .

I also ate here twice in the evening (standard grill menu) but the portions were huge! I didn’t finish either meal so make sure you’re starving before eating here or order something from the starter menu as your main course. Overall though, it was great food. [more ]

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Laguna Beach - Top Locations

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1. Holiday Inn Laguna Beach, CA 3.0 stars
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1. Main Beach 3.0 stars
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1. Taco Loco 3.0 stars
2. Johnny Rockets 3.0 stars
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