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Los Angeles Bars

4.0 stars

Los Angeles bar reviews from insiders , west coast

Marmalade Cafe 5.0 stars
#1 of 8 Bars & Cafés in Los Angeles
When you're given your menus here at Marmalade Cafe, expect nothing short of spectacular to be offered. There is an incredibly wide variety of offerings, so there's sure to be at least one sure thing for everyone, even the pickiest of eaters. ... [more ]
Bombay Cafe 4.0 stars
#2 of 8 Bars & Cafés in Los Angeles
Bombay Cafe is a rather quaint, though average Indian restaurant that has become well-known for its array of fresh chutneys. Traditional Indian cuisine is served here, but many of the dishes have been spiced up a bit with the addition of even ... [more ]
Kings Road Cafe 5.0 stars
#3 of 8 Bars & Cafés in Los Angeles
Kings Road Cafe, located at 8361 Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles, California, is a wonderful little safe haven for those of us who enjoy endless coffee sipping while reading a book or newspaper. This cafe actually has an adjoined bakery, where you ... [more ]
Angelique Cafe 5.0 stars
#4 of 8 Bars & Cafés in Los Angeles
Angelique Cafe is a beautiful diamond in the rough, making it a wonderful surprise to find in downtown Los Angeles. I'm not talking about the way it looks, mind you, but rather, the food. Their cappucinos are wonderful and I'm sure even the ... [more ]
La Brea Bakery 5.0 stars
#5 of 8 Bars & Cafés in Los Angeles
La Brea Bakery is a culinary paradise of assorted breads, pastries, sweets, homemade granola and gourmet treats galore. It was actually the first and only bakery where you could buy real German pretzels when I moved to L.A. 11 years ago. When you ... [more ]
Langer's 4.0 stars
#6 of 8 Bars & Cafés in Los Angeles
Langer's is, no contest, the winner of all delis within a fifty mile radius of its location. They're famous for their pastrami sandwiches, especially their #19, which is pastrami, cold slaw and imported swiss cheese on Rye bread. Another ... [more ]
Pinkberry 4.0 stars
Local - #7 of 8 Bars & Cafés in Los Angeles
Angelenos are obsessed with two things when it comes to their daily nutritional needs: coffee and frozen yogurt. While Starbucks still seems to reign the coffee territory, Pinkberry, a new franchise of fancy frozen yogurt, has become the new ... [more ]
Boba café 4.0 stars
#8 of 8 Bars & Cafés in Los Angeles
Boba is a word that I have found unfamiliar to anybody living outside of Los Angeles, but in the city itself the words now seem synonymous with McNugget or Bruin. Boba is a slang term created to describe the originally Korean phenomenon that is ... [more ]
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