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Travel Guide Thailand

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Thailand - Travel Guide

Thailand has two advantages:  it is a beautiful, fantastic country and not heavy on the wallet. 

Thailand is primarily known for its gorgeous beaches in the South.  The coastlines offer prime resorts for beach and sun vacations, water sports of all kinds, deep sea fishing, and diving. 

The region of Pattaya, southeast of Bangkok, is world-renowned.  It is popular with vacationers seeking mostly evening entertainment.  Phuket and Krabi in the mid-southwest on the other hand, are more quiet and peaceful.

The North of Thailand is sought after by back-packing tourists and culture lovers, who feel right at home there.  Famous sights here are the archaeological sites of Ayutthaya, Sukhothai, and Ban Chiang. 

Trekking tours by foot or by elephant into the regions of the native mountain tribes are becoming more and more popular.  By its busy past, Thailand is home to many old cultural sights, temples, and palaces.  These are located mostly in Bangkok or in the northern part of the country.

The Ruins of Angkor in neighboring Cambodia should not be missed for a visit by Thailand travelers.   

Ban Chiang in the North East of Thailand is one of the oldest archaeological excavation sites.  This culture was already busy and flourishing 3000 B.C.  This excavation site is open to visitors who can enjoy it in its untouched state.

The Ruins of the first independent capital are located in Sukhothai, which was founded in the early 13th century.  The impressive ruins of the temple in the historic park give an excellent portrait of the early Thai style of art and architecture. 

An absolute highlight to see is the capital Bangkok.  It is one of the worldliest metropolitan cities of Asia, as well as the spiritual, political, diplomatic, and economic center of the country.  Additionally, it is the capital of education and art within the country.  Its museums and temples are home to world famous art treasures.

The Royal Palace is one of the most elaborate buildings of South East Asia.  Impressive are also the Wat Pho with its 46 meter long and gold plated laying Buddha, the Wat Arun, the symbol on the opposing side of the river Chao Praya, the National Museum with unique pieces dating back to Bronze Times, and the Klongs, which give Bangkok its nick name “Venice of Asia”. 

The town Kanchanaburi gets its fame from a bridge.  The “Bridge over the River Kwai” was a strategic, important, and strongly fought over structure during World War II.  Other sights to visit in the region west of Bangkok are the Erawan Waterfalls and the Sai Yok Falls.

Pattaya is the best known vacation resort in all of South East Asia.  It is a vacation place for those who enjoy “All Inclusive” packages and don’t mind revealing bars. 

The province of Phang Nga, North East of Phuket, is famous mostly for its over 3000 islands.  Primarily the so-called “James Bond Rock” is remembered by its vacationers.

The small town of Phang Na, near Phuket, offers boat tours into this gorgeous region of Thailand. 

The dream-island of Ko Phi Don is about a 2 hour boat ride from Krabi and Phuket.  Formerly a secret kept among back-packing tourists, the island is now developed with hotels of all price classes.  Its spectacular nature, with its bizarre rock formations and silvery beaches, is unique not just to Thailand.

The islands of Ko Samui and Ko Pha Nagan are other fantastic islands.  They are located in the East of the country in the Gulf of Thailand and offer a completely different climate.  This makes their best months for a visit February through June.

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