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Thailand Restaurants

4.0 stars

Top Restaurants in Thailand

Sunrise Mexican Grill and Taco Bar 5.0 stars
Oriental, Restaurant in Bangkok
Had Sunrise Tacos several times delivered to my office. It is very tasty. I recommend the ground beef quesadillas, nacho supremes and the double wrapped flour tacos which I always enjoy with refried beans and rice on the side. The prices are ... [more ]
Shangri La River Front Hotel Restaurant 4.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Bangkok
I also had another observation about the Hotel’s latest “offer”. Whilst the lobby bar was very beautiful, it was an indoor bar and had no access to any patio or terrace. Although the windows did front the river, we felt that we would be somewhat ... [more ]
Shangri-La 5.0 stars
Chinese, Restaurant in Bangkok
I ordered club sandwiches, and my friend ordered the gourmet burger. To be fair, the lobby bar was absolutely stunning. A room adorned with finely chosen chandeliers and beautifully lit modern art. The food came out much larger than life, with my ... [more ]
The Red Lion English Pub and Restaurant 4.0 stars
English, Restaurant in Chiang Mai
If you find yourself in the Night bazaar, as most people do, then a good place for Western food and a big selection of imported beers is the Red Lion. They have draught Guinness, imported from Dublin and Tetley's bitter as well as a selection of ... [more ]
Seto Japanese Restaurant 4.0 stars
Japanese, Restaurant in Bangkok
The Seto Japanese Restaurant, located on the ground floor of the Seri building immedialetly adjacent to Bangkok’s Seacon Square, made for a nice spot to stay at for an early evening meal. This quaint restaurant, offered on its menu a very nice ... [more ]
Bussaracum 4.0 stars
Thai, Restaurant in Bangkok
Restauranteurs in Thailand like to boast of being capable of serving Royal Thai cuisine, mainly as a selling point. Visitors may wonder what constitutes 'Royal". Is it the food itself or does it mean it is eaten by Royalty? In fact it has little ... [more ]
Little Italy 4.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Bangkok
i recommend this place. Service is very good and very great food. maybe the best italian restaurant i have try in bangkok. [more ]
Dairy Queen 4.0 stars
Thai, Restaurant in Bangkok
Dairy Queen had on offer some very nice ice cream cakes and so it was hard for me to resist trying some out. This well established place has on offer not only the afore mentioned cakes but also a great range of ice creams with some innovative ... [more ]
MOS Burger 4.0 stars
Fast Food, Restaurant in Bangkok
MOS Burger is one of those places that has been very well marketed. Indeed in recent times, newspaper reports noted that there had been long queues at the Central world outlet in down town Bangkok. The company opened a new and larger MOS Burger ... [more ]
Bangkok Sky Restaurant 4.0 stars
European, Restaurant in Bangkok
Having already enjoyed a very nice buffet dinner at the Stella Palace, located close to the top of the Bayoke Hotel in the Pratunam area of Bangkok, I decided to sample the offerings from the hotel’s Bangkok Sky restaurant which is a buffet ... [more ]
Fumi 3.0 stars
Japanese, Restaurant in Bangkok
I wanted to have my lunch with my family there. When I arrived, the two lady staff who were talking at the cashier counter pretended not to see me. I tried to smile and waved my hand at them but they turned around with their back facing me. Then ... [more ]
Khao San Road 5.0 stars
Thai, Restaurant in Bangkok
If your up some tasty Italian food and your in Bangkok then head to Khao San Road, there is an really good Italian restaurant , opposite McDonalds (sorry I cant remember the name of it but its the only Italian one there). There is seating ... [more ]
River City 4.0 stars
Thai, Restaurant in Bangkok
There were a few restaurants in Silom road, but most of them would have special set dinners, and then there was River City, a place further along the river which was actually a shopping plaza, fronting a public pier. The plaza housed a Thai ... [more ]
Le Moulin de Sommai 5.0 stars
French, Restaurant in Bangkok
Le Moulin de Sommai is a very nice French restaurant located in Bangkok’s Soi Langsuan and is a place which remains one of my favourites as far as French cuisine goes. On my last visit I was able to enjoy a really quite excellent sirloin steak ... [more ]
Aum Vegetarian Restaurant 5.0 stars
Thai, Restaurant in Chiang Mai
Normally I don’t seek out vegetarian restaurants, however on this occasion I was walking around Chiang Mai with a friend who was in fact a vegetarian and so I was able to join in with what became an interesting search for a suitable eatery. ... [more ]
Cosy House 5.0 stars
Local, Restaurant in Ko Phangan
Hungover and craving a Sunday roast, an apple pie and custard or just some other well-cooked western food? Check out Cosy House run by an English gent near the sunset side of Haad Rin's full moon party beach. It does what it says on the tin. It's ... [more ]
Atelier 5.0 stars
Steaks, Restaurant in Bangkok
Atelier provided international food in style. This high class restaurant in Bangkok’s Asoke Road was home to a range of cuisines and also had on offer both ala carte and buffet options, with the evening buffet coming in at barely 30 Euros. ... [more ]
Hamilton's Steakhouse 5.0 stars
Steaks, Restaurant in Bangkok
Hamilton’s steakhouse was one of the first such establishments in Bangkok, but ironically not only has it had a recent refit, but the refit has been done in 1920’s style, giving the place a very authentic feel about it and one which predates its ... [more ]
The V9 Wine Bar and Restaurant 5.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Bangkok
The V9 Wine Bar and Restaurant is located on the 37th floor bar of the Sofitel Hotel in Bangkok’s Silom area. As soon as I made my entrance I was taken aback by the views. Almost the entire perimeter of the venue consisted of large ... [more ]
Lin Fa 5.0 stars
Chinese, Restaurant in Bangkok
The Lin Fa Restaurant is actually housed within Bangkok’s Siam City Hotel and it’s a classic Chinese restaurant which I was able to try out whilst in the area. One of Lin Fa’s specialties is Peking duck and since this is one of my favourite ... [more ]
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