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Bắc Ninh Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your Bắc Ninh vacation

Votive objects in Dong Ho Village 4 stars
You may still remember about my other two tips about Dong Ho Village and the special kind of picture coming from this village. Locals from this village have been complaining that they cannot earn enough for their livings just painting and drawing pictures. So they decided to accept orders making votive objects like paper money, paper puppets or even paper cars or paper motorbikes. Obviously they are very good at this, when they are now having a better life than some years ago. I mean the tradition is very important and nice to keep on, but they do have to make a living too. Anyway, they still have drawings and pictures as their specialty and making votive objects for a living. Check this village out if you are around.


Dong Ho village 5 stars
Dong Ho, located at Bac Ninh province, is a well-known village for producing traditional pictures in Vietnam. This kind of pictures are not drawn, but printed. They are very unique though, for its special paper and design. Many cutural activities and popular animals are the usual topics for this kind of pictures. Vietnamese people prefer hanging the Dong Ho pictures with many colorful pigs to others because pigs always bring people good luck with money for the new year. It has been a really nice tradition for vietnamese people to pick out the best Dong Ho pictures at the market and bring them home for the new year. But buying them is different than seeing how it is made and this village is very welcoming to tourists and visitors.


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