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Batang Travel Tips

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Insider advice for your Batang vacation

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Next day was pretty easy, as we just had to walk around 3 hours to Bitu, where motorable road starts again. There we managed to catch a jeep with the guys from Health Inspection, who were on their way to Zuogong. They did not stop drinking beer all the way and we had to do the same. The inspectors also invited us for the lunch in one of the villages on the way. After four hours on the bumpy road we finally reached Zuogong, non -descript Tibetan town, located on Sichuan-Tibet Highway. Because of the high altitude of slightly less than 4000 meters, we suffered from strong headaches there. We found a decent hotel with hot water and after enjoying the hot shower after very long time, we went to sleep. As Zuogong is located in the area, which is off-limits for foreigners, we did not want to spend too much time on the street


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