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Grand Rapids Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your Grand Rapids vacation

Grand Rapids, MN, Judy Garland 4 stars
I decided to pay a visit to Grand Rapids, Minnesota after having living in Grand Rapids, Michigan for a long time. What I realized is that Grand Rapids, Minnesota is much smaller than the Michigan counterpart. Interestingly enough though, Judy Garland was born here, although here overall stay in the town was not long. Her parents moved to California when she was young, which gave Judy the chance to start her own career.

The biggest tourist draw to Grand Rapids, Minnesota is Judy Garland’s birth house which has been turned into the Judy Garland Museum. One of the most impressive things in the museum is the shoes from the wizard of Oz. These shoes are the actually close up shoes used on the set of the Wizard of Oz. Besides for these valuable shoes, there are costumes that some of the performers of the Wizard of Oz wore.

If you have time come to the town of Grand Rapids, MN and see the birth house of Judy Garland. It was overall a very interesting museum and worth the time to stop and take a look.


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