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Minneapolis Attractions

4.0 stars
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The Metrodome 4.0 stars
Stadium, Sports Arena - #1 of 14
If you decide to drive to the Metrodome, you will soon be confronted with narrow roads, large crowds and expensive parking lots. Yes, as with any stadium, a convenient parking spot will cost you up to $25. And even if you're willing to spend the ... [more ]
Loring Park 5.0 stars
Park - #2 of 14
Wander through the Loring Park sculpture garden. More than 40 works are on permanent display. One is the dandelion water fountain. Perhaps tops is the unforgettable city trademark, Spoonbridge and Cherry, created by husband-and-wife artists, ... [more ]
Uptown Art Fair 5.0 stars
Entertainment, Festival, Amusement Park - #3 of 14
The artists have for the most part all moved onto Northeast Minneapolis, but Uptown still hosts one of the best art fairs in the country - the Uptown Art Fair. On the first full weekend of August, you can find hundreds of thousands of tourists ... [more ]
Minneapolis Institute of Arts 5.0 stars
Museum, Gallery, Exhibition - #4 of 14
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts is the most famous art museum in Minnesota, and perhaps in the nation as well. It's located in the leafy Whittier neighborhood, just outside of downtown Minneapolis, and it's a real treat for any art fan. ... [more ]
Hennepin Avenue Bridge 5.0 stars
Bridge - #5 of 14
If you are planning on taking a trip to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area and are looking for some excitement then you should check out Hennepin Avenue. Hennepin Avenue is the name of a street in Minneapolis where there are a lot of exciting ... [more ]
Planet Hollywood 5.0 stars
Shopping - #6 of 14
If you are planning on taking a trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota and are going to the ever popular Mall of America, then you should consider eating at the famous Planet Hollywood. Planet Hollywood is a very cool restaurant on the fourth floor of ... [more ]
Artemis Custom Leather 5.0 stars
Shopping - #7 of 14
If you are not an American citizen and you are from the EU and want to use that powerful Euro than you should check out a place called Artemis Custom Leather. They have the best quality leather goods in Minneapolis and also offer some really ... [more ]
Sea Note Cruises 5.0 stars
Other Urban Landmark - #8 of 14
If you happen to be in the Minneapolis vicinity during any months besides the winter months, than you should consider taking a cruise in the ever-popular lake Minnetonka. Lake Minnetonka is notoriously known for its beauty. It is also known for ... [more ]
North Minneapolis 5.0 stars
Quarter - #9 of 14
If you are planning on taking a trip to Minneapolis or Saint Paul then you should keep in mind that there are certain areas which are kind of dangerous. The primary area in Minneapolis that you should stay out of is the north side. North ... [more ]
IDS building 5.0 stars
Building - #10 of 14
If you are planning on taking a trip to Minneapolis then you should consider touring the famous IDS building. The IDS building is the tallest building in Minneapolis and is very convenient for tourist because you can easily enter and take an ... [more ]
Dinkey Town 5.0 stars
Quarter - #11 of 14
If you are planning on taking a trip to Minneapolis and you are one who likes to hang out with the young college crowd then you should check out Dinkey Town. Dinkey Town is a district in downtown Minneapolis which is cut out for the students at ... [more ]
Guthrie Theater 4.0 stars
Opera, Theatre, Concert Hall - #12 of 14
One of the most famous theaters in the United States, the Guthrie Theater relocated back in 2006 to a completely remodeled building. The Guthrie is well-known for its Shakespeare productions, and some of the most famous troupes in the world have ... [more ]
Frederick R Weisman Art Museum 4.0 stars
Museum, Gallery, Exhibition - #13 of 14
Love it or hate it, the Weisman Art Museum is better known for its architectural design than its collection. Some people don't like it because it looks like a bizarre collection of cheap aluminum. I personally have come to appreciate it for the ... [more ]
City of Lakes Loppet 4.0 stars
Entertainment, Festival, Amusement Park - #14 of 14
Do you like cross country skiing? Personally, I stick to downhill skiing, but I've always wanted to give it a try. And when I do, I'll probably go to the City of Lakes Loppet, which is a great way to try some cross country skiing as well as see ... [more ]
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