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Tunisia Travel Tips

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Insider advice for your Tunisia vacation

Sexual harrassment and Stress Tunisia Style! 2 stars
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OK I have been to Tunisia twice, and I do not know what possesed me to go a second time. As a young blonde female it was an absolute nightmare. The beaches are full of touts trying to sell you anything and everything - constantly. My first trip was with a female friend and at times was terrifying, at others it was simply irritating. Females must be careful in this country, you should definately cover up and be so so careful about leaving your hotel. My first trip involved getting ripped off, stalked by a tout on the beach who we ended up giving money to for a trip we never intended to take. My friend was groped right outside the hotel by what appeared to be a child who was sniffing glue. Its a very patricarchal islamic society and I'm not sure there is much approval of western females in Bikinis. To be hnest you are not even safe in the hotel. I was pestered all week by the hotel's male massuese, who on my last day blatently asked me for sex. Very dodgy and concerning. Ladies be careful, research where you are going and don't make the mistake of thinking you are in Spain and wandering round showing leg or arm flesh, or god forbid a short skirt.
Tunisia is probably lovely if you do it correctly, I was a little naive and as such didn't have a great time.


The Island of Djerba 2 stars
I was looking for a cheap holiday get away and came across Djerba, it was April so the weather in some of the other locations available wasn't as hot so I thought I would give Djerba a try. Its located off the west coast of Tunisia and its a small island. The hotel was lovely and pretty big as most of the hotels there seemed to be with swimming pools and nightclubs and shops etc, just as well as anytime I and my friend (also female) tried to leave the hotel we would get hassled but any guy with in a 10 mile radius! The waiter warned us not to accept coffee invitations from anyone and we got asked out for coffee about 100 times a day (even the same waiter asked us ha ha!) There are also a lot of sellers that don't take no for an answer so we ended up just staying in the hotel the whole time to avoid the hassle!


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