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Tunisia Attractions

4.0 stars
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Trekking in the Sahara 5.0 stars
If you’re interested in a trip like this one, it helps to have someone in your group who speaks at least a little Arabic. You’ll find it much easier to communicate with the Bedouin. However, if that’s not possible, you can get along just fine ... [more ]
Bardo Museum 5.0 stars
I spent several hours at the Bardo, a museum of Roman mosaics, Islamic art, and early Christian artefacts housed in the palace of one of the Ottoman envoys who had controlled Tunisia for hundreds of years. The building itself was more impressive ... [more ]
Byrsa 4.0 stars
On our trip to Carthage, we also saw the ruins at Byrsa on the hill overlooking the harbour, where a huge Roman temple used to stand and where an ancient Cathedral now dominates the scene, with a huge mosque built on the next hill to challenge ... [more ]
Coliseum at El Djem 5.0 stars
After a few hours driving, we arrived at El Djem around sunset. I hadn’t expected it to be so BIG—we climbed the walls and looked down into the arena, and then wandered out into the centre of the arena itself and tried to imagine what it must ... [more ]
Cave Dwellings Near Matmata 5.0 stars
The next day we set off early and drove through the last of the beautiful rolling hills on our way out to the desert. We stopped to see two of the cave dwellings near Matmata, which were the inspiration for the first Star Wars film. These are ... [more ]
Mansion Museum 5.0 stars
I've invented a rather creative name for this attraction because as far as I am aware, it doesn't have one, or not an official one at least. The house itself was built in the early 1900’s by a German artist who designed and built the house ... [more ]
Roman Ruins at Sbeitla 5.0 stars
We had a good lunch, sand-free, and witnessed the sad sight of a camel’s head hanging in a butcher shop before we got back into the car for our journey to Sbeitla, which is another Roman ruin site from the same era as El Djem. After leaving Douz ... [more ]
Kenza Art Gallery 5.0 stars
Kenza means 'Treasure' in Arabic, and this little gallery definitely lives up to its name. Kenza is a recent addition to the gallery scene in the area around Sidi Bou Said, and it offers something for everyone. There is a wide variety of art on ... [more ]
Promenade 4.0 stars
The beach promenade in Al Marsa (or La Marsa, as it is also known) is a great place to enjoy a bit of ice cream and a stroll. This is a popular place for locals to come in the early evenings, and it offers a great opportunity to experience a bit ... [more ]
Medina 4.0 stars
The Medina in Tunis is not to be missed. Start from the Sea Gate (so called because the sea used to come right up to this point; much of Tunis is built on reclaimed land) and wander up the hill through the twisting warrens of this labrynthine ... [more ]
Salt Flats 4.0 stars
On the way back to Tunis from Douz, we crossed the desolate salt flats in a sandstorm, which was quite an experience! The vast expanses of shimmering salt create mirages, and when I turned to look behind us, it seemed as if the sea was stretched ... [more ]
Marketplace Outside El Djem 4.0 stars
The small market to the side of El Djem is a mixture of tourist trap kitsch and quality craftsmanship. There are some very nice textiles and mosaics, provided you are prepared to pay a bit more. Bring your haggling skills, you’ll need them! ... [more ]
Tourist Market 4.0 stars
The tourist market in Sidi Bou Said reflects the city's reputation as a haven for artists, both Tunisians and expatriates. The wares you'll find on display are largely works of art, although clothes, shoes, jewellry, and various trinkets are ... [more ]
Art Galleries in Sidi Bou Said 4.0 stars
Sidi Bou Said is famous for its artists, both local and international. When you visit this lovely city, it's easy to see why it has attracted so many artists. It's easy to create beautiful things in such beautiful surroundings! As a ... [more ]
Antonin Baths 4.0 stars
The Antonin Baths are the best of the Roman ruins in Carthage. The ruins themselves are quite impressive, showing several levels of the ancient baths as well as some of the enormous pillars that once supported the roof of this magnificent ... [more ]
Star Wars Museum/Hotel 3.0 stars
We also saw one of the sets for the first Star Wars film, inspired by the cave dwellings near Matmata, which is now a bar and hotel. You can stay here, although the price is steep by comparison and you’ll be surrounded by busloads of tourists. ... [more ]
Punic Harbour 3.0 stars
The Punic Harbour is interesting as a historic site. This is the place from which several wars were launched before the Romans took over in Tunisia, and from which Hannibal took his elephants, which used to be native to Tunisia, before crossing ... [more ]
Church of St. Cypriot 3.0 stars
The Roman ruins around Carthage are easy to see in a single afternoon, even on foot. We spent an afternoon seeing the Church of St. Cypriot, where St. Augustine once preached, the Antonin Baths, and the Punic Harbour. There isn't much left of ... [more ]
Douz Market 3.0 stars
After leaving Matmata, around lunch time we arrived in Douz, the town known as the Gate of the Sahara. We pulled into town, found a restaurant for lunch, and then wandered over to the travel agency near the market to book a trip into the Sahara ... [more ]
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