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Cho Dia Tuu - the wine market

This wine market is in Bac Ha, about 70 km away from Lao Cai, where Mong Hao ethnic people live and produce a really special kind of wine made out of corn. For Mong Hao people, a man eating no meat and drinking no wine can never be a real man. Around 500 Mong Hao families living in this area cook wine and sell their unique wine every Sunday at this wine market. When you visit this market, you can taste this special wine and see how ethnic people are living in Vietnam. People here are also very friendly and willing to help you with everything too. If you are invited to some festivals they have in the evening, don't try to refuse because this might be a wonderful chance for you to see how... [more ]

Mai Chau

This small village is not marked on many maps, located about 2.5 hours north... [more ]

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1. Cho Tinh
Sa Pá
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Lào Cai Anfahrt nach SaPa Markt Border of Vietnam at Lao Cai
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