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Travel Guide Turkey

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Turkey - Travel Guide

Many tourists who spend their first vacation in Turkey are impressed by the diversity of this country. 

Turkey doesn’t just offer sun, beaches, and fantastic sceneries, but also an abundance of well preserved remnants of the Greek and Roman Antique, oriental culture, along with very hospitable residents.

In respect to vacation resorts, Turkey is divided into two major regions:  the Aegean Sea in the West and the Riviera in the South. 

Turkey’s Aegean region offers breathtaking coastal sceneries, hidden coves, light sandy beaches, and cliff-like rock formations and is a center of attraction for many vacationers.

Bodrum and Izmir – home of the rider statue of Ataturk – have become the most popular resorts for German travelers.  Conveniently, the historic excavation sites Ephesus or Hierapolis are only a stone throw away. 

Sailing tours along the coast of the Aegean Sea have become more and more popular recently.

The famous white stone terraces of Pamukkale are also nearby. 

The larges Turkish tourist area lays on the Turkish Riviera.  Antalya and its surrounding region have adapted outstandingly to tourism.  Vacationers are left with no wants.  Beach vacations can be “culturally upgraded” with visits to the famous towns of “Side” or “Belek”.

The particularly well preserved historic sites of Troja, Ephesus or Pergamon bear witness to mankind’s oldest history. 

Attention should be given to the phenomenally stated theater of Aspendos.  Its fantastic acoustics allow outdoor opera performances or concerts with famous tenors during the summer time to this day.

The reputation for the best golf resort is earned by the city of Belek.  Around the area are beautiful golf courses and first class hotels. 

The metropolitan city of Istanbul fills a guide book by itself and enchants its visitors with an interesting mixture of 1001 Nights and the modern life of the 21st century.  It lays by the Sea of Marmara, where Europe and Asia meet.  The former Constantinople is an outstanding site of history which is witnessed by its abundance of nature and art treasures.

A visit to the legendary town of Troja, which was once discovered by Heinrich Schliemann, reminds visitors not only of the cunning Greeks and their wooden horse, but also of the beautiful Helena. 

The region of Anatolia has been little developed for tourism; nevertheless, it offers the capital city of Ankara and stunning mountain ranges with elevations up to 5000 meters.

Today, Ankara is, combined with Istanbul, the most modern and important city in Turkey.  In the founding days of the Turkish Republic in 1923, Ankara with its 800 meters elevation and located in central Anatolia was mostly insignificant.  Worth a visit is primarily the archaeological museum with historically important findings from all parts of Anatolia.  Additionally, the monumental Mausoleum of Kemal Ataturk is well worth seeing. 

The highest mountain in Turkey is Mount Ararat (Agri Dagi), which is also an important symbol.  On one hand, it is considered the mountain on which Noah’s Arc stranded and from which the lineage of Noah spread towards Mesopotamia; on the other hand, it symbolizes the never present independence of the Armenians in this region.

Since Turkey is rich in thermal and mineral springs, it offers a number of rehabilitation and recuperation resorts, along with numerous hotels and resorts offering attractive wellness packages. 

A little known fact:  the high mountain regions of Turkey offer prime conditions for winter sports and skiing.  The different alpine regions are an ideal challenge for winter time athletes and mountain climbers.

In the Saklikent near Antalya (at elevation 1750-1900 meters) during the spring, vacationers can ski in the morning and bathe in the Mediterranean Sea in the afternoon. 

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