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Turkey Restaurants

4.0 stars

Top Restaurants in Turkey

Haci Abdullah 5.0 stars
Turkish, Restaurant in Istanbul
The Haci Abdullah is a nice place to eat Ottoman food in Beyoglu. There were a couple of surprises. One, we couldn't get a real drink in there, only non-alcoholic beverages; two, we thought it was going to be quite subdued and formal, but it ... [more ]
Asitane 4.0 stars
Local, Restaurant in Istanbul
With its neutral, somber decor, Kariye Oteli's restaurant is hardly luxurious, but its garden is pleasant and the cuisine is directly inspired by old recipes from the Ottoman court- reason enough to recommend this address. Come here to taste the ... [more ]
La Luna 5.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Kemer
La Luna in Kemer is a bit different from most Kemer restaurants in that they do not specialise in Turkish food. The place seems to be a favourite of Scandinavian visitors, though the menu is more general European fare mixed with a few simple ... [more ]
Mehmet Gurs' 5.0 stars
Turkish, Restaurant in Istanbul
After an exhausting shopping spree in the chic design stores in the neighborhood, there is nothing like stopping in at Downtown to get a taste of Mehmet Guers' marvelous cuisine. In this sober wood and aluminum decor a la New York, businessmen ... [more ]
Ship Inn 5.0 stars
Steaks, Restaurant in Antalya
This is another good restaurant in the same family as the Melissa's restaurant mini-chain, and this location in the Atatürk park overlooks the Mediterranean, making for a lovely dining experience. The best part is, not only do they do amazing ... [more ]
Konyalılar Restaurant 5.0 stars
Turkish, Restaurant in Antalya
If you want a true taste of Turkish cuisine in Antalya, head up to the Konyalılar restaurant. It's not right in the centre of town, so a taxi might be appropriate, but believe me, the money you'll save by not eating in a tourist area will more ... [more ]
Leb-i Derya Restaurant 5.0 stars
Turkish, Restaurant in Istanbul
I think the best accompany to a perfect dinner is a good ambience and a nice panorama. That’s what I have found İn Leb-i Derya, which is actually a special saying in Turkish to describe a place with an enormous sea view. Leb-i Derya ... [more ]
Paşa Kebap 5.0 stars
Turkish, Restaurant in Kemer
If you're only going to eat at one restaurant in Kemer, make it the Paşa Kebap. They have the most wonderful combinations of classic Turkish dishes and modern favourites, and although the prices are not as rock-bottom as they used to be, they're ... [more ]
Can restaurant 5.0 stars
Fast Food, Restaurant in Istanbul
When you want a recommendation for where to eat in Sultanahmet, everyone always talks about the famous Pudding Shop on the high street, but if you head just a few doors down, you’ll find an equally tasty and less expensive meal at the Can ... [more ]
Vefa Bozacısı 5.0 stars
Turkish, Restaurant in Istanbul
‘’Bozaaaaa…’’ When you are at your sweet home, this scream coming from the street seller that sells boza in a dark, cold İstanbul night, signifies that winter has comed finally . As far as I know, Boza is the first type of drink coming from the ... [more ]
Paper Moon 4.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Istanbul
This Italian restaurant, located on the ground floor of the famous Akmerkez shopping center, is undoubtedly for seeing and being seen among Istanbul's beautiful people. Beige and brown tones and pure lines create a cosmopolitan seeting accented ... [more ]
Hasanağa 4.0 stars
Turkish, Restaurant in Antalya
If you're looking for traditional Ottoman cuisine in the old town, this is your place. It gets crazy busy in the summer months, though, so I'd recommend booking a table in advance (staff do speak English, German, and Russian). There's a ... [more ]
China Garden 4.0 stars
Chinese, Restaurant in Antalya
You rarely if ever see Chinese or other Asian-themed restaurants on the south coast of Turkey, so I was surprised to discover China Garden here in Antalya. The food was some of the best Asian fusion I've ever had anywhere, but due to some ... [more ]
Park Fora 4.0 stars
Seafood, Restaurant in Istanbul
This restaurant is very close to the small but lively and ever-fashionable fishing port of Ortakoey, a popular spot reachable in a few minutes by vapur from Eminoenue. Come here in summer and relax to the sound of the gentle lapping of the waves ... [more ]
Washington Restaurant Kale 4.0 stars
Turkish, Restaurant in Ankara
If you are looking for a quality restaurant that the locals enjoy, I highly recommend the Washington Restaurant. Don’t be fooled by the “western” name. The Washington Restaurant’s menu cuisine is almost exclusively Turkish. According to the ... [more ]
Pizza Box 4.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Antalya
Pizza box has a sit-in restaurant and a delivery service, and I love both. It's the best pizza I've had in Turkey (Turkish pizza is a bit different from the stuff you get in Europe or the States), and they serve it quickly and with a smile. The ... [more ]
Park Samdan 4.0 stars
Turkish, Restaurant in Istanbul
This classic Istanbul establishment, with a decor inspired by Art Deco, has successfully found its way into the hearts of the new fashion crowd. A must among all those with a passion for clothing and interior design, the crowd who frequent the ... [more ]
Tike 4.0 stars
Turkish, Restaurant in Istanbul
In the space of a few months, the rich and famous of Istanbul suddenly decided to make this kebab house their regular hangout. Tike offers an original setting, with enormous steel candelabras , rustic tables and a large garden which seems ... [more ]
Deniz 4.0 stars
Seafood, Restaurant in İzmir
If you're planning on proposing to your fiancée in Izmir, this is the place to do it. It's probably the most beautiful restaurant in the city, and it has beautiful surroundings as well. Deniz is known for their fish dishes, but there's plenty ... [more ]
Pandeli restaurant 4.0 stars
Greek, Restaurant in Istanbul
Near the entrance to the Egyptian Bazaar is a stairway that leads to a restaurant from which you can overlook the frenetic chaos of the Galata Bridge. In vaulted dining rooms, decorated with blue ceramic tiles like those found in the Bursa ... [more ]
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