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Turkey Attractions

4.0 stars
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Grand Bazaar 4.0 stars
Unlike the Grand Bazaar, I love hanging out in the Spice Bazaar. The smell alone is enough to keep me coming back, and the bright colours on display are wonderfully attractive. The prices are reasonable, and the shopkeepers, who cater to locals ... [more ]
Blue Mosque 5.0 stars
This huge Mosque is situated in the vibrant and bustling city of Istanbul. It is a huge place with 6 towers and a plethora of massive domes. I thought it was a stunning and very spiritual place and I felt very lucky to be able to visit. You must ... [more ]
Hagia Sophia 5.0 stars
The Hagia Sophia is of course a must-see when you go to Istanbul... the building is an amazing hybrid reflecting its history as a building dedicated first to Christianity and then to Islam. The now-museum makes a wonderful contrast to the Blue ... [more ]
Topkapi Palace 4.0 stars
If your time in Istanbul is short and you can only visit one main landmark, it should be Topkapı Palace without a doubt. I spent the better part of a day wandering around the complex and still felt like I hadn't seen even half of what there was ... [more ]
Basilica Cistern (underground cistern) 5.0 stars
The Basilica Cistern was built by the Roman Emperor Justinian in 532 A.D. and has been in use as a water source in Istanbul throughout history. It is quite an eerie place to visit, especially when compared to all the open-air monuments and vast ... [more ]
Süleymaniye Mosque 5.0 stars
I think a lot of people spend so much of their attention on the Blue Mosque and the Aya Sofya that so-called "lesser" mosques like the Suleymaniye get overlooked. It's sad because the Suleymaniye is a magnificent piece of historical architecture ... [more ]
Galata Bridge 4.0 stars
From a distance, you'd think there's not much to like about the Galata bridge, as the architecture of it is nothing special. Even up close, if you take each facet separately it seems like it's just a bridge full of smelly fish and car exhaust. ... [more ]
Dolmabahçe Palace 4.0 stars
Dolmabahce Palace is an opulent – and undoubtedly frightfully expensive – complex built near the end of the Ottoman Empire. I sometimes wonder if the foreign debt incurred by this structure may have in some way helped to hasten the demise of the ... [more ]
Taksim Square 4.0 stars
This is where everyone meets at the beginning of a night out. In fact, this is where everyone meets for just about anything. It's probably the most common place in Istanbul to find friends greeting one another and branching off into different ... [more ]
Museum of Anatolian Civilizations 5.0 stars
As a museum buff, one of my favorite outings in Ankara was the excursion to the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations just a few blocks from the historic shopping center. Located mid-way up the hill to the old castle, the museum is easy to find and ... [more ]
Cefer Aga Medresesi 4.0 stars
Actually the Caferaga Medresesi ist the most beautiful place I have been to in Istanbul. You can sit there in the historical café have something to eat or drink when your´re tired from all the sightseeing - as I were. And when you ve gained new ... [more ]
Burgazada 4.0 stars
Burgazada…Very close to İstanbul and at the same time too far . You can get there in 45 minutes from İstanbul (Kabatas Port ) and you can discover a place that is totally different from the city. In early ages its name was Panormos which ... [more ]
Galata Tower 5.0 stars
The Galata tower was built in 1348 in Istambul by the Genoese, as part of the defense wall surrounding the Galata district. The tower, in spite of its initial function and old age still stands strong. It is 55 meter high and I have to admit it is ... [more ]
Aspendos 4.0 stars
We did the evening trip to Aspendos, which was nice because in the summer there's no way I'd want to go out there during the heat of the day. The site has quite a lot of ruins, the most famous of which is the ampitheatre, which rivals that of ... [more ]
Alanya Shipyard 4.0 stars
When I first saw the ancient shipyard at Alanya I was amazed with its beauty and depth all opening to the sea. I asked a local fisherman whether they organize trips inside…they do…Magical enough! As the locals and the fishermen told me this place ... [more ]
Hafen von Alanya 4.0 stars
In the old town there many old houses, towers and mosques, as well as old Byzantine churches. At the waterfront there are plenty of friendly bars, tea-houses, cafes and restaurants with an excellent range of international and traditional cuisine. ... [more ]
Sultanahmet Square 5.0 stars
The Sultanahmet area is by far Istanbul's most important place for tourists. All the biggest attractions are here: Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Hippodrome, Cistern Palace, Topkapi Palace, and more. Plus it’s a short walk to the Grand Bazaar and the ... [more ]
Olu Deniz 5.0 stars
Olu Deniz is a medium sized laid back picturesque beach resort a short bus ride from Fethiye. Situated on the turquoise coast, the resort is famous for the stunning blue lagoon, which is one of the most photographed beaches in the world. The ... [more ]
St Nicholas Island 5.0 stars
St Nicholas Island is another beautiful island accessible by boat only and is one of the boat stops on the daily trip from Fethiye and Olu Deniz. The original Father Christmas is said to have stayed on this island for quite some time, hence the ... [more ]
Library of Celsus 5.0 stars
When we first started researching our visit to Ephesus almost every website and book we looked at had a picture of the Library of Celsus. But it was even more impressive when we finally saw it for ourselves. It had been beautifully restored and ... [more ]
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