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Turkey Bars

4.0 stars

Turkey bar reviews from insiders

Kizilkayalar 5.0 stars
Café in Istanbul
In Taksim Square, tightly pressed in amidst countless other doner shops all competing for the same customers, stands Kizilkayalar. While Kizilkayalar is also a doner (and hamburger) shop, it does not compete for business like the others. Frankly, ... [more ]
Zihni Bar 5.0 stars
Bar in Istanbul
This open-air bar looks like it's been carved out of the rocky cliff. From the terrace there is a wonderful view of the Bosporus and the thousands of car headlights coming and going across the bridge between Europe and Asia. The young clientele ... [more ]
Vanilla Lounge 5.0 stars
Local, Café in Antalya
This is one of my new favourite local places, although I understand I'm the last person to know about it. If you visit Antalya, you must stop by the Vanilla Lounge, either for a casual lunch or a more luxurious dinner. It's the only place in ... [more ]
Kumrucu 5.0 stars
Local, Café in Antalya
This is an unassuming little sandwich shop, but they have a wide variety of choices and the sandwiches are excellent quality. The thing I love most about this place is that they do free delivery within a very generous radius, and there's no ... [more ]
Sport Bar 4.0 stars
Bar in Kemer
The Sport Bar is one of the few places on the Kemer restaurant strip that doesn't serve food (aside from peanuts and small snacks), but the drinks are good and, best of all, they know the meaning of climate control. So many places in Kemer are ... [more ]
Coco's 4.0 stars
Local, Café in Antalya
Even speaking as a local, I can't believe how inexpensive this place is, especially for such a ritzy area like Lara. The Coco do normal Turkish food (i.e. not lofty traditional dishes, but rather what Turks eat everyday) at ridiculously low ... [more ]
Belgofre Waffle Kafe 4.0 stars
European, Café in Antalya
This is the only place I've found in Antalya where you can get real Belgian waffles, and it's pretty good. It's a tiny, chic restaurant, and they do all sorts of dessert-type things like crepes, ice cream, and specialty coffees. It's a little ... [more ]
Eiscafé Marco Polo 4.0 stars
Local, Café in Antalya
The somewhat German name may sound a bit confusing, but this is about as close to an Italian gelateria as you'll get in Antalya. They do all kinds of different desserts, not just ice cream, and as well they have sandwiches and snacks for those ... [more ]
Sultan Pub 3.0 stars
Café in Istanbul
I'm not sure "pub" is the right description for this Sultanahmet eatery, but certainly as far as café-bars go it's more than adequate. The prices were a little bit surprising compared to what we'd seen in other areas of Istanbul, but as it ... [more ]
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