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La Habana Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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Market near Plaza de la Cathedral in Old Havana

No matter what kind of typical Cuban product you're looking for in Havana, from souvenirs to original paintings to hand-made cigar cases, Che Guevara t-shirts, Cuban cigars, rum and coffee, you'll easily find all these huge outdoor arts and gifts on display located very near to the “Plaza de la Cathedral”.

One of the main things for sale in the markets is Cuban cigars. These cigars are considered matchless in the world and they make great gifts. The most prominent brands are Cohiba, Hoyo of Monterrey and Punch. Everything sells at a very good price and there's no need to bargain, a simple hesitation is usually enough to make the original price drop down considerably.... [more ]

Josi Marti Memorial

The José Martí Memorial is a special memorial located in Havana on the... [more ]

Las Playas del Este - Havana, Cuba

While in Havana, Cuba many people like to go spend time by the seaside.... [more ]

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La Habana Occidental Miramar Rum-Museum Rum-Museum
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