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Dhaka Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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Life in the slow lane

Nothing can quite prepare you for the sights and sounds you encounter when you first arrive in Bangladesh. Your senses are immediately assailed by the pandemonium that is called everyday life there.

As my taxi left the relative safety of Dhaka international airport and sped along the ’highway’ that linked the airport to the town centre, my driver took sadistic delight in slaloming around other slower-moving vehicles, incessantly honking the horn as he did so. I soon realised that the horn was the most important component of any car as it reminded other road-users of your presence, of which they seemed to be blissfully unaware. Ahead of us ten thousand rickshaws pedalled... [more ]

And so we say farewell.....

I never did get to see much more of Bangladesh. I had hoped to go to the... [more ]

Caveat emptor

At every junction one is inundated by a veritable armada of beggars and... [more ]

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1. Aarong
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2. Armenian church
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