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Travel Infos United Kingdom

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United Kingdom - Travel Infos


Great Britain offers the most comfortable climate of all countries on this latitude.  The average temperatures during the summer months range around 21° C, with occasional peaks of up to 30° C (86° F). 

The lowest temperatures measured during this time are around 14° C (57° F).  In spring and fall temperatures of around 8°-10° C (46°-50° F) can be expected.

The best time to travel is during April and May as well as in September and October. 

Due to its island state the weather can be very unpredictable.  The west coast and the highlands receive the most rain; on the northern coast the climate is colder and stormier.

Winds are usually from the south-west, coming from the Atlantic Ocean. 

Time Zone:

Great Britain is one hour behind the Middle-European Time (MET), which is the time zone for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. 


The form of payment in Great Britain is the Pound Sterling.  In Pound equals one hundred Pence and one Euro buys 0,65 Pound Sterling (£). 


Caution:  Great Britain traffic travels on the left! 

On many intersections are so called “Roundabouts” - traffic circles.   

The speed limit within city limits is 48 km/h, on secondary roads 96 km/h, and on interstate highways 112 km/h.

Great Britain offers a well serviced train and bus network; however, traveling by train is relatively expensive. 

The black Taxis of London, with their drivers, the so-called “Cabbies” are world-famous.  In London, taxis can be hired by a wave of the hand.  If the car is available, an illuminated sign on its roof will say “for hire”.

Taxi drivers often refuse driving customers to areas from which they will not be able to get a return fare.  Taxi fees can be read from their electronic meters. 


Pets which do not conform to the standards of the British Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) are subject to six months of quarantine.   

Dogs and cats may be brought into the United Kingdom from Germany without being subject to the quarantine requirement.  To do this, they must be micro-chipped, vaccinated against Rabies, obtain a blood-test, and be issued a European Pet Passport, in this order!


Due to a marked increase in the number of Mumps cases throughout England, Wales, and Scotland, particularly among youths and young adults, vacationers are advised to obtain an according immunization before traveling.

Opening hours: 

Great Britain does not have legally mandated store opening hours.  Hence, great differences between regions and merchants are to be expected.  Within large cities, shopping centers and stores on the main streets, opening hours are usually from 9:30 am to 7-8 pm during the week, and to about 5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

In smaller districts and towns, the stores usually remain closed all day on Sundays.  

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