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Seattle Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your Seattle vacation , west coast

Agua Verde restaurant 4 stars
This place is not much more than a lean-to, but I'm so glad I didn't judge it before I tried it. I had to wait for a table, so I thought that was probably a pretty good indicator of quality, and as it turned out that was right. The fish tacos were the best I've ever had, and their avocado sauce was truly amazing. Pretty much everything on the menu has some kind of quirky twist that makes it unique to them, and everything seems to work well together. The view of the water is excellent and adds to the wonderfully laid-back atmosphere.


Benihana - Seattle 4 stars
Benihana is a traditional Japanese restaurant where your food is prepared right at your table by a trained hibachi chef. The finest ingredients are used to create authentic Japanese dishes. The freshest vegetables, seafood, chicken, and steaks are brought out to the table and prepared right in front of the guests. The chef performs an entertaining presentation while the food is being prepared at the Hibachi style table. The chefs grill, chop, stir-fry, and slice your meal right before your eyes. All plates come with the same sides which include onion soup, green tea, a shrimp appetizer, and a salad. The plates also come with rice and grilled vegetables. It is a lot of food for a small price. Benihana has received many great reviews from guests who frequently dine in the restaurant.

A sushi bar is also available. The freshest sushi is available at an affordable price. The sushi is prepared daily by a highly trained sushi chef.

Benihana started out as a very small restaurant in New York. It quickly became an international chain and now is one of Seattle’s premiere Japanese restaurants. It is a favorite among people who love Japanese food and Japanese restaurants.

Benihana Japanese restaurant is a unique and fun dining experience. It is a place where you can bring and entertain the entire family. Large and small groups are welcomed. Benihana is opened every day for lunch and dinner. It is one of Seattle’s most recommended restaurants! It is a great Japanese dining experience.


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