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Travel Guide United States

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United States - Travel Guide

A visit to the “Land of Opportunity”, the United States of America, is like a vacation in a giant amusement park.

The “Golden State”, California, received its name from the gold found during the time of the Gold Rush.  California is home to some of the most fascinating cities of the USA:  San Francisco is probably the most famous, Los Angeles with its Hollywood district though the more colorful.  The highways along the coast are an El Dorado for bikers.  Furthermore, California offers some of the country’s most famous National Parks:  Sequoia and King’s Canyon, Redwood, and Death Valley. 

The most beautiful park of the USA is without a doubt Yellowstone National Park.  The approximately 9000 km2 large area contains a fascinating world of geological wonders:  steaming wells and natural pools, mud-volcanoes, cinder terraces, and over 200 geysers.  95 percent of this park is pure wilderness and closed to the public.  Nevertheless, visitors here are very likely to encounter many different animals:  beavers, deer, elk, and buffalos, just to name a few.

The North-West or “The Far West” includes the states Oregon and Washington, and is known from many movies and TV shows.  Living Nature is particularly important here; however, the metropolitan areas of this region are fascinating as well:  Seattle regularly is voted as one of the most livable cities of the world.  And Las Vegas is an experience everyone should make for themselves. 

The mountainous West – the Indian country in the range of the Rocky Mountains – consists of the states Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, and North and South Dakota.  The Indian Summer of Montana with its wide-open, mountainous scenery renders an invitation to dreaming for travelers.  Horseback riding vacations there have been popular since long before the movie “The Horse Whisperer.

The most important cities of this region are, among others, Salt Lake City, the Mormon Capital, Denver, and the skiing paradise of Aspen.

The “Great Lakes”, featuring Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario are a Mecca for those seeking water sports. 

The North Eastern US offers the states Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.  This region is the birth home of the United States and visitors can retrace its abundant history of the country’s early years as well as travel the charming scenery of this area.

New England has remained old fashioned in a friendly way.  Many of the decorative historic homes are still standing today; other houses are being carefully restored to their original beauty. 

The former “Wild West”, including Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, is the land of the pioneers and settlers.  Their remnants are visible everywhere, as much history from these days still stands today.  Nature has impressively formed this region:  the Grand Canyon is one of her master pieces.

The NASA Space center in Houston, Texas is most definitely a site worthy of a visit, the most interesting location here is the Base Station Houston. 

The southern states know how to appreciate peace and quiet.  Jazz and Blues music were born here.  The region’s most impressive cities are Memphis, home to Elvis Presley’s “Graceland”, the Country Music capital Nashville, and the birth place of Jazz:  New Orleans.

The Sunshine State, Florida, is a complete vacation paradise.  Its liveliest and most exciting city, Miami, is a must-visit.  The fantastic beaches from Pensacola to Naples, the island chains of the Florida Keys, Orland with its own Disney World and Epcot Center, as well as many National Parks such as the Everglades make Florida the perfect candidate for relaxing, versatile vacation days. 

As far as beauty, climate, and recreational value are concerned, Hawaii is the undisputed champion among the United States.  Hawaii consists of a 2600 kilometer long chain of Islands, Atolls, and sand banks.  Dry, dusty lava fields on the island take turns with rich, green valleys.  Rugged, green, steep cliffs turn into snow-white beaches.  Surfers and divers will find perfect conditions for their sport here.

Alaska offers nature in its purest form.  Trekking, hiking, and fishing are possible in untouched nature, surrounded by an unbelievable diversity of plants and animals.  It’s plain to see:  nature here as humans as “house guests”. 

The US capital Washington D.C. is the central switchboard of the world-power USA.  The Capitol building, the White House, and the Pentagon are its show-case windows.  It is here, that the careers of politicians, agents, and also those of interns, begin and end.  Since all public buildings in the USA belong to its People, entry for citizens and foreigners alike is without problem.

The secret capital of the USA however, is New York City.  The “Big Apple” is an impressive stage for extra ordinary careers, whose stories of success are set into picture on Broadway or in the movies.  New York is a symbol for freedom and tolerance.  Its districts Brooklyn, Bronx, Harlem, Little Italy, and China Town have made New York something that its residents are extremely proud of:  a melting pot of cultures. 

The famous “Thundering Waters” are the Niagara Falls.  No visitor should miss this spectacular natural sight.

The impressive stone carving accomplishment “Mount Rushmore National Memorial” is another must-see site.  It consists of monumental portraits of four symbolic and important former US-Presidents:  George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.

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