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4.0 stars
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Central Park 4.0 stars
Not far from Belvedere Castle, and near the center of Central Park, is the pleasant Shakespeare Garden. It's designated as a quiet space, so there are no street performers allowed there and no music. You can talk, but it's meant to be an oasis ... [more ]
Golden Gate Bridge 5.0 stars
Enjoy the park to the north where you can park your car and get out. You have a great view of San Francisco. Take the time to walk, at least part of the way, across the bridge. Golden Gate bridge - yet it is kind of red. Don't know why I ... [more ]
Walt Disney World 4.0 stars
Of course Space Mountain and Splash Mountain will be your favorites if you’re looking for more of a thrill and are a fan of rollercoaster’s. However, expect these rides to have extremely loooooong lines, which really do get old after a while. ... [more ]
Yellowstone National Park 5.0 stars
There are a number of places in Yellowstone National Park where you can see mud pots. They aren’t as spectacular as the geysers, but they are definitely interesting. The burble and heat given off by the mud pots is accompanied by a strong smell ... [more ]
Times Square 4.0 stars
Times Square in New York City is definitely visually stunning. Huge billboards and flashing lights, it was in fact awe inspiring when I was there. But it was also expensive! I made the mistake of eating and clubbing near Times Square and I ... [more ]
Empire State Building 4.0 stars
Hunter S Thompson said that one should go to the highest point on arrival in any city or town. It is from here that you will be able to get a view of your new habitat, however long you may be staying. You will instantly feel accustomed to you ... [more ]
Death Valley 4.0 stars
Ok, ok, so a “castle” in the desert would be a bit far fetched and more like something out of a Stephen King novel. Instead, I discovered a very picturesque Mediterranean hacienda (mansion!) in the northern part of the park, which just happens to ... [more ]
Boston Common 5.0 stars
The Boston Common is an enormous and lovely park in Boston. You really shouldn’t miss it if you’re ever there. Apart from being a beautiful park, it’s also a source of history, as it was built in 1634 as part of the first establishments in the ... [more ]
Discovery World Museum- Science 3.0 stars
In all, the entire museum experience was not bad, but not amazing. I may return one day, but that won’t be until the exhibits are fully completed…and when I am filthy rich so I am able to pay for every experience they offer. I would also plan ... [more ]
Chinatown - San Francisco 4.0 stars
The shopping is great. Great culture pieces, but one store does have almost the same clothes as the next. I love the options for sizes, as I am fairly short. These clothes actually fit me. Parking is very expensive, so take public ... [more ]
West Michigan Motorcycle Show 5.0 stars
The Predator is one of the scariest, most feared science-fiction villains that ever made it on the movie screen, and it is also the inspiration of the 2008 winner of the Biker Build-Off competition at the West Michigan Motorcycle Show. A ... [more ]
Valley Fair 4.0 stars
We made our way to the wild thing through the giant theme park. The funny thing was that you could see the top of Wild Thing when you are like two miles away from Valley Fair. That didn’t sit particularly well with my stomach. Another bad part ... [more ]
Coney Island Beach 4.0 stars
Coney Island isn't an island at all, but a district of Brooklyn and a slice of the egalitarian ideal which is seemingly so loathed by the United Statesof Private Everything. In summer the calm Atlantic water is warm enough to swim in, but in ... [more ]
Fisherman's Wharf 4.0 stars
When I visited San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf, I did so not knowing what to expect. Never to be one that is overly impressed with shopping or restaurants, of which the Fisherman's Wharf had tons, I hoped more for what I call 'non-commercial' ... [more ]
Alcatraz 4.0 stars
I couldn’t have gone to San Francisco and not visit the Alcatraz. Everyone in my family that heard I was going to San Francisco told me the Alcatraz was one of the best places to visit there, so I decided to go. Most people say you need a whole ... [more ]
Grand Central Station 4.0 stars
Grand Central Station is incredible! It isn't just a train station, it's architecturally and historically famous. We stopped at Grand Central Station on the way back from Brooklyn. One of the coolest things was the Klapwald photograph exhibit. ... [more ]
Boston Public Garden 5.0 stars
We got up bright and early, well early, it wasn't so bright. It was a bit cloudy and I was a bit worried. One of the key reasons for our trip was to be able to ride the swan boats in the Public Garden. My dad had visited as a young boy and had ... [more ]
Mary Baker Eddy Library 5.0 stars
After the Prudential Center, we headed just a few minutes away to the Mary Baker Eddy Library. We took some pictures by the reflecting pool and managed to get lost finding the library that was 100 feet away. In our defense, I'm quite sure that ... [more ]
Mall of America 4.0 stars
Mall of America has anything and everything that you’d be looking for in both shopping and entertainment from department stores and specialty shops, an amusement park, underground aquarium, megaplex movie theatre and an assortment of bars and ... [more ]
Brooklyn Bridge 5.0 stars
During my time in New York I had a close relationship to the Brooklyn Bridge. One of the best things to do in New York is taking a run over the bridge. I loved to see the skyline of New York and felt freedom when I was running. You feel like ... [more ]
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