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Uttar Pradesh Hotels

4.0 stars

Uttar Pradesh hotel reviews from travelers

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Sai Palace 4.0 stars
Hotel in Agra
Sai Palace hotel is located 5 minutes away from the entrance to the enchanting Taj Mahal. The hotel is painted pink to give it that extra happy feeling. I found the ... [more ]
Hotel Clarks Shiraz 5.0 stars
Hotel in Agra
Hotel Class: 4.0 stars
Conveniently located by the Taj Mahal. That's the main attraction in Agra anyway. Like the other Clarks Hotel in Jaipur, this offers all the amenities you could ... [more ]
Hotel Shahjahan 5.0 stars
Hotel in Agra
Shahjahan is located in Taj Ganj district, only five minutes walking from the South Gate of Taj Mahal. The rooms are clean and there is hot water most of the time. ... [more ]
Grand Hotel Agra 4.0 stars
Hotel in Agra
When I visited the Taj Mahal, I stayed at: Sheela Hotel Eastern Gate Taj Mahal Agra 282001 0091-562-2333074 As the name ... [more ]
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$ 49.00
Hotel Ganges View 3.0 stars
Hotel in Varanasi (Benares)
Two things prompted to me choose this Hotel Ganges View as my resting place in Benares. Or Kashi or Varanasi, call it what you will. First, I had a tight budget and ... [more ]
Hotel Amanda
Hotel in Lucknow
Hotel Class: 3.0 stars
Hotel Tara Grand
Hotel in Agra
Hotel Class: 3.0 stars
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