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Bagmati Travel Tips

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Insider advice for your Bagmati vacation

Kathmandu’s Buddhist Temples 5 stars
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Two of the most spectacular places to visit in the capital city of Nepal are the Buddhist temples of Swayambhunath (the ‘Monkey Temple’) and Boudha. Although Swayambhunath’s beautiful prayer flags fluttered high amongst the clouds of pigeons taking flight around me as the monkeys watched each step I made, I would suggest Boudha is the best of the two. The place is so peaceful, with its infamous eyes – an instantly recognisable symbol of Nepal – watching its visitors from every angle of the stupa and making fame in films such as Little Buddha. Boudha is also a wonderful place to shop, with beautiful jewellery, prayer wheels and Tibetan crafts, as well as CDs that sing out the music of the Buddhist chants. In Stupa View Terrace and Restaurant, which is a super eatery for vegetarians, I tried the delicious local momos and looked out on the beautiful surrounding hills as the clang of thunder echoed all around.


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