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Museum of San Juan Bautista

It's kind of strange to find a museum in those coastal villages in Isla Margarita. I was really happy to find one in the village of San Juan Bautista. The museum was pretty small, but very informative. It mostly dealt with the history of the Margarita Island, starting with the oldest objects found in the region and up to the modern history. It's great to have some informational and cultural activities in the middle of a exotic holiday, so I really suggest visiting this museum if you're in the area. The entrance fee is very low, but I can't quite remember how much it cost. There were no other tourists when we visited, so the staff was really happy to see us and explained everything we asked. [more ]

Parguito Beach

The Playa Parguito is a lovely place in the Isla Margarita. I visited plenty... [more ]

La Restinga Lagoon

Whenever you visit the Margarita Island, make sure you take a trip to the La... [more ]

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1. El Avila Park
5.0 stars
2. Park of the East
5.0 stars
3. Altamira Square
4.0 stars
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Venezuela Wasserfall im Canaima Nationalpark Orinoco Delta El Avila bei Caracas Große Palmen
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