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Vietnam Attractions

4.0 stars
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Cu Chi 5.0 stars
Originally built during the Vietnamese resistance, these tunnels were greatly extended during the Vietnam war with the United States. Because the Vietnamese didn't have the military strength to directly stand up to these invading countries, they ... [more ]
Mui Ne 4.0 stars
Every province in Vietnam has its own specialties, as well as in Mui Ne. Yep, grilled sand lizard is the specialty there. About 22km from Phan Thiet, at these beautiful beaches in Mui Ne, you can easily find a vendor selling sand lizards. Locals ... [more ]
Saigon Water Park 4.0 stars
Late one afternoon we decided to head out to Dam Sen Park, which is a bizarre little amusement park on the outskirts of the city. We hailed two bicycle taxis, which are the best way to reach the park, and agreed on a price to the park and back. ... [more ]
Ha Long Bay 5.0 stars
Two hours eastwards of Hanoi is the Halong Bay. This is a spectacular natural gem, because there are a lot of limestone hills jutting out of the water. You can arrange boattrips at the travel agencies in Hanoi. The chaepest trips are about 30$ ... [more ]
Literaturtempel 5.0 stars
A walking tour of the famous Temple of Literature brings you right to the Chinese and Confucianist roots of the Vietnamese people! With a bottle of water in tow, my two friends and I scoured the various temples with a guide. Other than the ... [more ]
Ben Thanh Market 4.0 stars
Ben Thanh Market is the most famous and also the biggest market in Ho Chi Minh City. All sellers know vietnamese and english and many do speak Japanese, Chinese, and French. They sell many different kinds of goods, lots of food, and various kinds ... [more ]
Thien Mu Pagode 4.0 stars
Thien Mu Pagoda is located on Ha Khe, on the left bank of the Huong River, about 5km from central of Hue City. Even though it was really hot outside, but inside, in the courtyard on Thien Mu Pagoda, I could feel the cool breeze throughout the ... [more ]
Kathedrale Notre Dame 4.0 stars
Ho Chi Minh’s Notre Dame is a relic from the days of French colonization and was built entirely from imported materials. It is smaller than one might expect, situated in an area of town that reminded us of New Orleans, with the architecture and ... [more ]
Diamond Plaza 5.0 stars
If you are really into shopping, you can check Diamond plaza in district 1 in Ho Chi Minh City. It opens almost everyday and closes at 10 P.M.. The prices at every individual shop are all fixed, so you don’t have to spend time bargaining with the ... [more ]
Ba Vi 5.0 stars
Ba Vi National Park is located in the center of Ba Vi mountain. This is a very popular attraction for both locals and tourists for a nice weekend escape from all other metropolitants. This park has several rare and endangered plants within its ... [more ]
Con Dao Islands 5.0 stars
Con Dao (also known as Poulo Condore) is an archipelago of 15 islands located in China Sea. The main island Con Son was feared by all Vietnamese people, as there was a prison built by the French to keep anti-colonial protestors. This prison was ... [more ]
Pagoda 5.0 stars
Many superstitious people visit Pagoda in order to ask about their future or find out the answer to all their problems. The visitors will kneel before a statue of Buddha, ask something and shake a bamboo body part, which contents many tabs with ... [more ]
Bach Ma National Park 5.0 stars
This famous National Park is around 50 km south from Hue City. Bach Ma National Park is very well-known for being an eco-tourist destination and for being considered as a cultural world heritage sites beside My Son Cham Towers and Hoi An ancient ... [more ]
Phu Quoc 5.0 stars
If you come to Phuc Quoc, you will see some brown yellow dogs with long whorls on their back. These dogs are very well-known for their intelligence and they live mostly only on this island. For Vietnamese people, pets are still a very luxurious ... [more ]
Ba Ho stream 5.0 stars
Ba Ho stream, about 25km to the north from Nha Trang city, is a stream originating from Hon Son mountain. This is a favourite destination for those who love trekking a a bit of adventures. To be able to reach the first of these three famous ... [more ]
Floating Market at Cai Ranh, Can Tho 5.0 stars
Being told about this famous market so many times, I thought my first trip there would not be so interesting anymore. However, I was totally amazed by the enormous size of this market. We spent our whole morning in the rental boat touring the ... [more ]
Hon Ong Island 5.0 stars
Taking a boat from Van Gia district, about 65 km north from Nha Trang, you will reach Hon Ong in about 2 hours. This is a private island, run by French couple. From the façade we can contemplate the surrounding mountains that give the island in a ... [more ]
Nguyen Sinh Sac Grave Site 5.0 stars
You may already know about Nguyen Sinh Cung, very famous under the name Ho Chi Minh, the greates hero for Vietnamese people during the colonial period. With the great contribution to Vietnamese history with his son, Nguyen Sinh Sac was buried and ... [more ]
Dog Race 5.0 stars
Not that you would mistake me as a dog racing fan, I am totally against it. I just think this might be pretty interesting for those who love dog racing to know that there is also a place in Vung Tau City, where they have Greyhound racing track. ... [more ]
Cho Tinh 5.0 stars
Markets in Sa Pa are just the same as some other local markets elsewhere with one exception Cho Tinh. Cho Tinh means a flirting market, which takes place every Saturday. I was told that they had this market a long time ago starting with a lady, ... [more ]
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