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Scandotel Castor, Berlin

3.0 stars
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Scandotel Castor

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Scandotel Castor Berlin - watch out for those man-eating mattresses!

I'm not too sure where to start with this. I like to give balanced and informed reviews, but for the Scandotel Castor Hotel in Berlin it is somewhat tarnished by my sheer disappointment in the place.

When choosing where to stay, I read many other reviews about the hotel in order to know what I was getting myself in for. I heard such comments as "the corridoors are noisy", or "the rooms are way too small", or "there is not enough room for eating breakfast", but these were balanced out with positive reviews too, such as "the staff are extremely helpful" and "the location is superb". And I'd have to agree with every single one of them.

We were greeted on arrival by two young and friendly staff members at reception, who promptly gave us our keys and directed us to our room. We were on the third floor, in room 303. I was initially very impressed with the room, there was a flatscreen TV on the wall, the bathroom was in good condition and I felt safe in the room. It was spotlessly clean and the beds seemed fresh and inviting. That was until I actually tried to sleep in them that night. I actually felt like the bed was trying to eat me, my body sunk so low into the mattress. I could feel all the horrible broken springs inside, there was no support at all. I woke up feeling achey and sleep-deprived and just uncomfortable all over.

We were at the front of the building which also happened to be the room above where they shine a bright blue light to light up the hotel at night. The curtains were way too inadequate to block out this light, and the windows, although uPVC and double-glazed, didn't do too great a job of blocking out traffic noise. I suppose if you were on the top floor (6) and had a room facing out the back, the sleeping experience at the Scandotel Castor would be slightly more pleasant. I actually think it would be no problem to request this when making a booking online. When our friends arrive a day after us, they had a choice of which floor they wanted to stay on, so as I mentioned before, the staff are acommodating.

We were staying for three nights and so I didn't see the point in asking to change my room, since I was quite sure that all the beds would be of the same quality. I cannot fault the room size, because it was adequate enough for our stay, but I can see how it can become claustrophobic over time. But hey, do what I did, and spend most of your time *out* of the room in the city of Berlin!

I think the hotel is located in the area of the city where there are lots of gay bars and hotels, but it's still a family friendly place to be so this shouldn't make anybody feel uncomfortable. It is indeed a five minute walk from KaDeWe, but isn't as "central" as it likes to make out. You have to be prepared for some walking and travelling with the tube, but this applies no matter where you stay in Berlin, and I found the location to be fairly good.

The breakfast is a buffet-type and there is a large selection of cheese, meats, breads, jams, cereals, coffee, tea, juice, croissants, eggs and fruits. It costs 10 € pp per day, and although I thought this to be fairly expensive, it is better than other breakfasts in the area for a similar price, and gives you the option to take a banana or apple away with you to eat later in the day.

I would possibly recommend a stay here if it wasn't any longer than two nights, for a variety of people, whether singles, young couples, families or older couples. Just be aware of my caveats above and then you won't be left disappointed. Scandotel Castor Berlin is a 3* hotel that provides everything is says it will, but absolutely nothing more. [more ]

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Scandotel Castor

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