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Castle Inn & Suites, Anaheim

3.0 stars
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Castle Inn & Suites

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Swimming pool
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Castle Inn and Suites, Anaheim

I was confused. And even worse than that, I was embarrassed. I wanted a shower, anticipating the warm influx of relaxation it would give me when I felt the water cascade down my back, washing away the cares of the day. I took my fluffy clean towel and carefully laid it across the heated towel rail. I undressed and folded my clothes carefully, also draping them over the heated towel rail. I pulled back the shower curtain - and couldn't for the life of me work out how to turn the shower on. I pushed, I prodded, I ended up bashing the tap with no result. I had to get dressed (very grumpily) and go down to the reception and ask how it works. The man behind the desk couldn't work out whether I was joking or not. When he realised I was in fact serious, he explained very slowly and carefully (as you would to a five year old) that the trick is to pull and then twist. It was, perhaps, the most frustrating yet satisfying shower I have ever had.
I was at the Castle Inn and Suites, a hotel complex in Anaheim. Anaheim is a large city about 28 miles south east of Los Angeles, in Orange County. It also happens to be the home of Disneyland, which sits directly across the road from the Castle Inn (well, the entrance is about 10 minutes walk away), and was the actual reason for my visit.
The Castle Inn and Suites has 145 rooms, and is close to the Anaheim Convention Centre, which means a lot of business people use it as well. As well as standard rooms, it offers executive suites (which is what I had, and is just a standard room with a desk), Parlor Suites (which have a seperate bedroom containing a foldout sofa), and spacious family rooms.
There is a heated swimming pool, including a childrens paddling pool, as well as a gift shop. There are also coin operated washing machines, and a maid who can't read the "Do not disturb" sign on your door.
The rooms seem old and musty, and dark and damp. The decor doesn't seem to have been changed since the 1970s, and I found rubbish belonging to the previous occupants on the floor (which is probably why the maid came bursting in early in the morning). The only saving grace of this hotel is that it is so close to Disneyland and some good restaurants, and it is so unbelievingly cheap. Rooms (depanding on the time of year) can be picked up at $64 a night. What a bargain. I bet even Micky Mouse would stay here if he could. I hope he can work out how the shower works, though. [more ]

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Castle Inn & Suites

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