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Alhambra Palace, Granada

4.0 stars
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Alhambra Palace

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Amazing views of Granada atop the Alhambra Palace Hotel

The Alhambra Palace Hotel is perhaps the most symbolic hotel of Granada, built to imitate the well-known Moorish monumental Alhambra Palace. Anyone who's visited Granada would have known the grandeur and amazing beauty of the ancient Palace built by the Moorish centuries ago. But yet, very few people know the existence of this alluring hotel.

The interior of the hotel is specially designed in a Moorish fashion, ornate colourful Moroccan lamps light up the doorways, intricate wooden carvings and mosaic tiles litter the ceilings and walls and not to mention, the golden arches symbolic of Moorish culture can be found everywhere in the hotel. Upon entering the lobby, you could feel a complete mystical feel like how you would in the Arabian world.

Perched on top of the hill next to the main entrance of Alhambra Palace, it overlooks the city in a fortress sort of way. My favourite part of the hotel would have to be the Hotel Cafe. An outdoor section of the cafe has an impressive and breathtaking view of Granada- with the snowy Sierra Nevada on the left and the entire city sprawled across with the valley on your right. Be it winter, summer, autumn or spring, sitting in the veranda of the cafe makes you relaxed and calm - it never gets too hot or cold out there. You could easily spot the Cathedral amidst the crowd, or the bullfighting ring further north, and yes, the Bib Rambla Plaza!

To get to the hotel, you might need to walk uphill along the cobblestoned path from Campo del Principe, but there are always the 'Alhambra red shuttle buses' all over town that could bring you up right to the doorstep of the hotel for only 1euro. Besides, Campo del Principe is a quaint little square with a famous restaurant that serves amazing Paella, and many other great eateries.

It is also most definitely the best choice to stay in if you're planning to visit the monument Alhambra for a few days. It's huge and might need a couple of days to see it all!

All in all, I think the view is captivating enough to make you stay longer! A few friends had come from abroad to visit, and they all have had only good things to say about this beautiful hotel. [more ]

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Alhambra Palace

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