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Harbour Plaza North Point, Kowloon

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Harbour Plaza North Point

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Checking out of the Harbour Plaza North Point Hotel

I had applied for my Chinese visa a couple of days before, and on the previous day had returned to the embassy to collect my passport complete with visa stamp. The stamp gave me a single entry into China and was a necessity for anyone wishing to cross the border. With everything in hand I checked out of the hotel. The concierge staff kindly took care of my baggage and so I left with just a small carry bag which was very light and convenient for this trip. The first part of my journey was to take a taxi through Hong Kong’s Cross harbour tunnel in order to meet up with the train which was to take me from Hong Kong’s mainline KRC train station at Hung Hom all the way to Guangzhou. [more ]

Breakfast at the Harbour Plaza North Point Hotel

It was a rainy morning in Hong Kong, and I woke up knowing that I had a long day ahead of me. For today I was heading to the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou, or as some people prefer to call it, Canton. Guangzhou is actually not too far from Hong Kong, but since I was intending to make this by way of an overland trip it would require some patience on my part. I had been staying at Hong Kong’s rather impressive Harbour Plaza North Point Hotel which was located quite close to Quarry Bay MTR Station. I intended to check out and then return after my very short one night stay in Guangzhou, as on this occasion I didn’t have much time to spare. Yet, I still wanted to experience a taste of China. After a late breakfast I prepared my bags for my trip. [more ]

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Harbour Plaza North Point

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