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Travel Guide Serbia

Serbia - Travel Guide

Serbia borders Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia.

Its traditional villages invite you to relax, such as Sirogojno with its narrow-gauge train “Sarganska 8”, Prilipac with its monastery, Knic with the Gruzansko lake and the church of Saint Gabriel the Archangel. But the mountain village of Gostilje or Prislonica with its annual flute festival also attract many travellers.

A Roman, Byzantine, medieval, Serbian, Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian heritage is found in Serbia’s melting pot-like history, for example in the monastery of Studenica and Gracanica, or the medieval fortresses of Golubacki Grad and Kladovo as well as at the residence of Roman Emperor Galerius, called “Felix Romuliana”.

Apart from that, travellers can also do lots of sports like rafting in the Tara river valley, trekking on one of the numerous mountains, fishing in the Danube, the Save or the Drina, and skiing on the Olympic Jahorina mountain. Afterwards, one of the 140 health resorts and more than 40 thermal springs make wonderful places to wind down after an eventful day.

Especially Belgrade, the country’s capital, has its charms: breath-taking monuments such as the greatest fortress of the continent (Kalemegdan), the greatest Orthodox church building of the world (the St. Sava’s Cathedral), residences and tombs of Yugoslavian rulers (prominent example is Josip Broz Tito) or the biggest European sports arena in Belgrade fascinate the curious visitor. Another interesting event is the final round of the renowned annual Brass Orchestra Festival in Guca.

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