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Time to get out of the horror house!

The doctor recommended that we return to the clinic we had been to before the hospital where my husband could be given a drip. The look on my husband's face was enough to confirm that there was no way in hell he was going to let anyone in Montenegro insert an injection into this arm! He took the prespriction she gave him for the drip in case, but of course we never returned!
The doctor then hurried off and we were escorted by the first horror nurse into the basement (this was even more frightening than the examining room). The nurse then produced a large tin which she opened up ceremoniously with a large key. She then uttered something about 50€s and looked at expectantly. We... [more ]

Get me a doctor!!

At this point the two nurses tried to tie my husband down onto the operating... [more ]

Horror nurses!

Having knocked on the door of the building, we were let in by a hideous... [more ]

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1. The Beach Promenade
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Montenegro Insel Perast2 Die Stufen zum Mausoleum Die Frauen in der Tracht
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