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Crete Attractions

4.0 stars
All | Church, Cathedral, Chapel | Zoo, Aquarium | Prehistoric, Classical Antiquity Site | Museum, Gallery, Exhibition
Aquarium 3.0 stars
Hi, Can anyone tell me how to get this totally incorrect location for Aquaworld Aquarium changed? It is obvious from the one review of my aquarium here on Cosmotourist that such a drastic error (some 30km) can cause disappointment and ... [more ]
Knossos 4.0 stars
In my opinion it is best to visit the ancient temple complex of Knosses with a tour guide. Because the temples are very old, at many places you can only guess what the buildings must have looked like, because they are not standing anymore. Our ... [more ]
Museum of Archaeology 4.0 stars
While in Heraklion, you must visit the Museum of Archaeology. It is rather small, but contains a lot of information about the Minoan period. So if you’re interested in visiting the impressive castle of Knossos, make sure you also visit this ... [more ]
St Minas Cathedral 4.0 stars
To get to the Saint Minas Cathedral is pretty easy. It is not far at all from the Lion’s plaza. I’d say the visit is worth the time. The cathedral is very old, but impressively big. It is connected to many legends which are explained there. The ... [more ]
Church of Saint Catherine (Agia Ekaterini) 3.0 stars
The church of Saint Catherine is a beautiful little church in Heraklion. It was built during the Byzantine period and I think it is a great example of Byzantine architecture. Unfortunately they are not using it as a place of worship anymore, so ... [more ]
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