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Scotland Restaurants

4.0 stars

Top Restaurants in Scotland

Anstruther Fish Bar 4.0 stars
Local, Restaurant in Anstruther
This is a contentious title; nearly every Scottish person you meet will have their own strong opinion about where to get the best fish and chips in the country. But the Anstruther Fish Bar is certainly right up there at the top. The atmosphere ... [more ]
Jackson's 4.0 stars
Local, Restaurant in Edinburgh
I've yet to experience service that was as perfect as what we had at Jacksons while in Edinburgh. Our server was top-notch and seemed to thoroughly enjoy his job while making sure that everything was going well as we enjoyed our three-course ... [more ]
Rendezvous 5.0 stars
Asian, Restaurant in Edinburgh
We ordered take-out from Rendezvous, a small, but quaint Asian restaurant. Normally, we would have dined out for dinner, but it was so late by the time we were back in civilization (around 11 PM) and we weren't in the mood for a late night pub ... [more ]
Bellini Restaurant 5.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Edinburgh
Bellini Restaurant was a very nice Italian eatery that we stumbled upon during our three-week stay in Edinburgh. The interior was decorated with many different hues of blue and gold with the occasional wooden accent and cream-coloured table ... [more ]
Monster Mash 5.0 stars
English, Restaurant in Edinburgh
Monster Mash proudly defines itself as a retro British bistro, which already sounded good enough to me, but with a name like that, I just couldn't resist taking a peek in around breakfast time. I was nearly floored by how cheap the prices were – ... [more ]
Smoke Stack 5.0 stars
North American, Restaurant in Edinburgh
We went to Smoke Stack for lunch while in Edinburgh and we each thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Our waiter was a friendly young guy who spoke with a hint of sarcastic humor in his voice and made a few good recommendations. The cuisine, I ... [more ]
Iggs 5.0 stars
Spanish, Restaurant in Edinburgh
Iggs is the sister restaurant of Barioja, a Spanish Tapas bar situated snugly right next to it, painted the same deep shade of red on the outside and the inside is modern, warm and inviting, like its sister restaurant. The Spanish food here ... [more ]
La Rusticana 5.0 stars
Italian, Restaurant in Edinburgh
La Rusticana, as I'm sure you've already guessed it, is an Italian eatery located in the heart of Edinburgh, and a very popular one at that! I was pleasantly surprised by how many items were on the menu: well over one hundred dishes to choose ... [more ]
Fish and Chip Bar 5.0 stars
Scottish, Restaurant in Pittenweem
The fish and chips place in Pittenweem is the real deal. Low ceiling, last decorated in about 1971, takeaway only, and air so greasy you can feel it settling on your face, the food here is mouth-wateringly, artery-cloggingly good. Most people ... [more ]
Barioja 5.0 stars
Spanish, Restaurant in Edinburgh
Edinburgh is home to a few good Tapas bars, one in particular being Barioja. You can't miss it, as the outside of the building is painted a deep shade of red, while the inside is quite possibly one of the most modern, romantic-looking Tapas bars ... [more ]
Haldanes 5.0 stars
Scottish, Restaurant in Edinburgh
We were recommended to visit Haldanes while in Edinburgh, and I have to admit that this restaurant blew me away. The restaurant's interior is quite elegant with walls of stone, tables covered with white linen cloths, nice paintings on the wall, ... [more ]
La Garrigue 5.0 stars
French, Restaurant in Edinburgh
La Garrigue is a rather nice French restaurant that we stumbled upon while strolling about in Edinburgh around lunch time. We were greeted by a nice woman and shown to a small table for two and then given a list of recommended dishes, some which ... [more ]
Mussel Inn 5.0 stars
Seafood, Restaurant in Edinburgh
Since Edinburgh is conveniently located near the sea, I figured that we would get some of the freshest seafood possible at Mussel Inn, and how right I was! Mussel Inn is a fairly nice restaurant with a clean, modern look, and the service is ... [more ]
Tampopo 5.0 stars
Asian, Restaurant in Edinburgh
Tampopo happens to be a rather small Japanese restaurant in the town of Edinburgh. Don't underestimate it because of its size, though, because Tampopo has a lot to offer, each dish traditional and delicious. The place itself looks rather ... [more ]
The Witchery 5.0 stars
Scottish, Restaurant in Edinburgh
The Witchery is a beautiful Gothic-inspired restaurant, the most incredible-looking one in all of Edinburgh, if you ask me. We had a candlelit dinner in a darkly elegant dining room with plush Victorian chairs and hues of gold, burgundy and dark ... [more ]
The Witchery 5.0 stars
Scottish, Restaurant in Edinburgh
The Witchery is an upscale Edinburgh eatery with an unbeatable atmosphere and a fantastic menu. From the street, you pass through a stone archway and through a close into the restaurant itself, which offers an intimate, candlelit atmosphere full ... [more ]
Wannaburger 5.0 stars
Fast Food, Restaurant in Edinburgh
While in Edinburgh, we stopped off at a nice place for lunch, called Wannaburger, where I felt as if I were back in the states again. Burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, salads, shakes and other delectable goodies, that's what we found on the ... [more ]
K2 Indian Restaurant 5.0 stars
Indian, Restaurant in Edinburgh
For dining here on a Monday evening, I have to say that the place was busier than I had expected. The restaurant was quite packed, but I took it as a good sign and decided to wait for those few extra minutes in order to be seated at a nice table ... [more ]
Kebabish - Edinburgh 5.0 stars
Asian, Restaurant in Edinburgh
Kebabish is a funny looking place - with its glass frontage and cake counter it looks like a cross between a deli and a dodgy kebab shop. It's actually a great Indian restaurant serving all the old favourites as well as speciality dishes and ... [more ]
Khublai Khan 5.0 stars
Mongol, Restaurant in Edinburgh
Prepare to have an unusual taste experience at Khublai Khan, which specializes in a different sort of cuisine: Mongolian. While in Edinburgh, this was the only restaurant of its kind that we found, and I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious ... [more ]
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