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Scotland Attractions

4.0 stars
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Edinburgh Castle 4.0 stars
My trip to Edinburgh Castle was a pleasant one. The admission price is reasonable. If I remember correctly it was 11 pounds for an adult. I would suggest walking around a little exploring the castle without a guide first. The panoramic views ... [more ]
Old Course at St. Andrews 5.0 stars
Fancy experiencing a bit of golf at St Andrews? Can't play to save your life? Fear not, my friends - the answer is at hand in the Himalayas putting green. It's hugely entertaining, with 18 holes of devillish fun, and costs only a few measly ... [more ]
Wallace Monument 4.0 stars
At the bottom of Abbey Craig, at the base of the William Wallace Monument, standing guard and overlooking the city of Stirling is the stone statue of William Wallace in the likeness of Mel Gibson from the movie "Braveheart". All ... [more ]
Stirling Castle 4.0 stars
Stirling Castle is one of the grandest, most historical structures in all of Scotland and it was my favorite castle that I visited while traveling around the country. My only regret on my trip is that I did not arm myself with more knowledge ... [more ]
Loch Ness 4.0 stars
After a long bus ride up to Inverness from Sterling, friends Matt, Brad, and I decided to try out our sea legs, or loch legs so to speak. We found a reasonable tour boat through Jacobite and left shore on our very own Loch Ness adventure. ... [more ]
Urquhart Castle 4.0 stars
Another “must see” when visiting the United Kingdom is a trip to Scotland‘s famous Loch Ness! For those adventurers seeking out “Nessie”, I highly recommend the Loch Ness Museum. Not only is it rich in stories from the first sightings, it is ... [more ]
Arthur's Seat 4.0 stars
Edinburgh’s skyline has two defining features: one is the castle, sternly overlooking the city and reminding the inhabitants of its militant past; the other is the rocky crags of Arthur’s Seat. One of four hill forts, this one dating back about ... [more ]
Loch Lomond 5.0 stars
On the day I was there, Loch Lomond was quite possibly the sunniest place on Earth. This is surprising, considering it is on the southern border of the Scottish Highlands - not often remembered for its glorious weather. Loch Lomond boasts the ... [more ]
Princes Street 4.0 stars
Princes Street is the Edinburgh’s main high street with fantastic shopping one side and a pretty park the other. The street houses all the normal high street favorites in beautiful buildings of imposing Scottish stone. The great thing about ... [more ]
Dunnottar Castle 4.0 stars
For sure, Dunnottar is one of the most impressive castles I have been. The dramatic castle ruins located on top of a precipitous rock had an important role in the history of Scotland. In my opinion, the highlights of Dunnottar are the remarkable ... [more ]
Holyrood Abbey 4.0 stars
If you're looking for things to do in Edinburgh for an afternoon, but aren't that interested in the castle or shopping on the Royal Mile, head down the hill to Holyrood. The palace houses the ruined remains of an abbey. Originally built for ... [more ]
Eilean Donan Castle 4.0 stars
I loved this Scottish castle in the way to Isle of Skye. I saw Eilean Donan for the first time in movies (the most recently was Made of Honour). It is also very common to see this castle in postcards and books about Scotland, from different ... [more ]
Ben Nevis and Glen Coe 4.0 stars
Glen Coe, situated in the Scottish Highlands, is a beautiful place. It is stark and windswept, haunted and romantic. Although there are some superb places to stay in the towns and villages in the area, I chose the Kings House Hotel, and I will ... [more ]
Balmoral Castle 3.0 stars
Balmoral was a favourite of Queen Victoria, which she described as "This dear paradise". Albert, Victoria's prince consort leased the property in 1848 and then bought it in 1852. As the original castle of the Farquharson family proved too small ... [more ]
Necropolis 4.0 stars
I guess it says a lot about Glasgow that one of its nicest places to be is a graveyard, but I'll let you decide for yourselves exactly what it says. Glasgow necropolis is on the edge of the city centre, just past the cathedral, and actually only ... [more ]
Greyfriar's Bobby 4.0 stars
Greyfriar's Bobby - th famous dog who sat by the grave of his master, a greyfriar, three days and nights and then was seen no more...a little, really very little, bronze statue of Bobby, the Syke Terrier between Goerge 4th Bridge and ... [more ]
Edinburgh Festival 4.0 stars
During August the capital city of Scotland hosts the Edinburgh Festival and turns into the theatre and comedy hotspot of the world. Every spare space is converted into a theatre and performers take to the streets to lure in the visitors. There ... [more ]
Museum of Scotland 4.0 stars
First off, let me say that the Museum of Scotland is huge and unlike any other that I've ever visited in the past. There are three levels which wrap around the inside of the building to give the already incredible main lobby a spectacular view ... [more ]
Holyrood Park 4.0 stars
Holyrood park is an incredible park, right in the city of Edinburgh. Across the street from the Scottish parliament building and the Palace of Holyrood lies miles of trails, wildlife, solitude, and incredible views over the city as well as the ... [more ]
Cawdor Castle 4.0 stars
Located to the south of Nairn, Cawdor Castle dates from the late 14th century and was built as a private fortress by the Thanes of Cawdor. Rather curiously, the ancient medieval tower was built around the ‘legendary’ holly tree. The castle is ... [more ]
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