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Scotland Bars

4.0 stars

Scotland bar reviews from insiders

The Elephant House 4.0 stars
Café in Edinburgh
The Elephant House earned a reputation first as a cheap eatery for university students at nearby Edinburgh University, but it has since become famous as the site where J. K. Rowling began work on the first Harry Potter novel. This cafe is ... [more ]
The Last Drop 5.0 stars
Bar in Edinburgh
After you have climbed on Arthur's Seat you might need a last drop of Guiness. Then you should come to the Last Drop next to the White Hart. The pub has very cosy and calm corners or a more lively bar. It is nicely dacorated with dark wood and a ... [more ]
Pot Still 4.0 stars
Bar in Glasgow
My friend Matt and I landed in Glasgow for Spring Break in 2006 and really had no idea what we were doing. He had hardly been out of the state of Michigan, let alone the US, and I generally fly by the seat of my pants and allow adventures to ... [more ]
The World's End 4.0 stars
Scottish, Bar in Edinburgh
The World's End is a well-established pub in the heart of Edinburgh, boasting with Scottish pride, both on the inside and out, particularly the inside, which looks quite lovely and suitable for a pub. There are quite a few items, paintings, ... [more ]
Rufus T Firefly's 5.0 stars
Bar in Glasgow
On a rainy evening last year, I travelled up a soggy hill to meet some friends in Rufus T Firefly's. Despite its uninteresting exterior, this bar is warm and inviting - something special in a city that may seem intimidating to an outsider. ... [more ]
The Compass 5.0 stars
Bar in Edinburgh
The Compass pub is up against some stiff competition for providing good food. It's near the trendy Leith shore, a haven of gastro pubs. But I think it beats them all for consistently good pub grub: the fish and chips are so good I rarely have ... [more ]
The Cocoa Tree 5.0 stars
Café in Pittenweem
This is the theme of the Cocoa Tree website, and this is exactly what one experiences in this gem of a cafe. Sophie herself is nearly always on the premises, working her magic in the kitchen and offering expert advice on the selection of ... [more ]
The Forest 5.0 stars
Scottish, Café in Edinburgh
The Forest is a very, very cheap artsy (vegan, no doubt) cafe located in the heart of Edinburgh that has some great food and some pretty wacky characters running it. They're nice folks, though, each with a great sense of humor and are generally ... [more ]
Daniel's Bistro 5.0 stars
French, Café in Edinburgh
While we were around the harbor area of Edinburgh, we stopped in for lunch at a little place called Daniel's Bistro, which was very open and airy with windows all around to give all visitors a nice view of the surrounding area. What I enjoyed ... [more ]
Hootananny 5.0 stars
Thai, Bar in Inverness
On my trip to Scotland I happened to land in a few of the coolest pubs I have ever been to...anywhere! First it was the Potstill in Glasgow, then in Inverness we found the wild and wooly Hootananny. After a cruise on Loch Ness and a tour of ... [more ]
The 78 4.0 stars
Bar in Glasgow
The 78 is situated close to the park in Glasgow's West End, and dominates the pub scene in that part of town. With it's funky decor and excellent vegetarian food, it's the place to be on a sunny day, or whenever really, for that matter. It's ... [more ]
Edinburgh Pubs 4.0 stars
Bar in Edinburgh
Pub crwaling in Edinburgh should be begun at 7 o'clock since everybody is pissed by 10, so hurry up and find your location among the many pubs and clubs in Cow Gate and and Grass Market, stone throw from the Rocal Mile. [more ]
The Liquid Ship 4.0 stars
International, Bar in Glasgow
The Liquid Ship is one of a string of trendy West End Pubs, and probably the least pretentious of the lot. Though you wouldn't think to look at it, The Liquid Ship has received several accolades for its food with a menu that offers quite an ... [more ]
Uisge Beatha 4.0 stars
Bar in Glasgow
Uisge Beatha (I'll leave you to guess the pronunciation) is one of the few places in Glasgow, or at least the West End of Glasgow, where people actually go to drink whisky. Whenever people are visiting from elsewhere I always take them there as a ... [more ]
Barioja Tapas Bar 4.0 stars
Café in Edinburgh
Good tapas is often hard to find. Much that passes under that name doesn't really qualify to be called tapas. As one who used to live in Sevilla, I know what I'm talking about. But Barioja in Edinburgh was a pleasant surprise. The ... [more ]
Stereo 4.0 stars
Bar in Glasgow
When Stereo first opened up a friend of mine described it as being like "a really cool school cafeteria" and I kind of see what he means. Though Stereo is in fact a reincarnation of a grubby but beloved indie bar across the other side of town, ... [more ]
California Coffee Stand 4.0 stars
Café in Edinburgh
This place was a delight to discover. Actually, I should say places plural, because the red coffee stands are dotted around the city, serving up fresh, delicious coffee to passersby. The have all the extras that you expect in America but ... [more ]
Taste 4.0 stars
Café in Saint Andrews
Taste is a wonderful little independent coffee shop in St. Andrews offering good quality fairtrade coffee, tea, and hot chocolate as well as a limited selection of soups and sandwiches. There are always a few baked goods on offer, often ... [more ]
Offshore 4.0 stars
Café in Glasgow
Offshore is a marginally yuppie-ish cafe in an ocean of extremely yuppie-ish cafes, yet it offers several things that the others do not and which cintribute to making it my favourite. Firstly, it has giant windows, and as the cafe is situated ... [more ]
The Road Hole Bar 4.0 stars
Bar in Saint Andrews
Well, not quite, but from the top floor of the Old Course Hotel, with uninterrupted views over the West Sands, the sea, and the distant rooftops of the town itself, the Road Hole Bar leaves little to be desired in the way of atmosphere. Tables ... [more ]
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