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Scotland Clubs

4.0 stars

Club reviews from insiders

Why Not 5.0 stars
Club in Edinburgh
Why Not has been widely recognized as the best club in Edinburgh, and I have to agree: Why Not has some of the best music of any club in Edinburgh, reasonable drink prices, and is one of the only clubs I've ever been to that didn't make me feel ... [more ]
Tolbooth 5.0 stars
Club in Stirling
The Tolbooth is a venue for live music in Stirling. It was THE place for me to hang out during my student days. It might have changed recently, but I remember meeting more lecturers there than fellow students. For a small down they offer a ... [more ]
The School Of Art 4.0 stars
Club in Glasgow
The Art School is one of Glasgow's biggest assests in numerous ways. Not only is it a highly respected institution but it's also home to the amazing Macintosh Building, which is labyrinthine and unique and totally worth a visit, especially for ... [more ]
Jumpin Jaks 1.0 stars
Club in Glasgow
Jumpin Jacks on Sauchiehall St is a code red club, meaning you see it, you know it looks bad, but one day you will end up there. If you have any strength at all, fight the urge! I don't understand whatever black magic was cast on this place or ... [more ]
Queen Margaret Union 2.0 stars
Club in Glasgow
Following my previous review of the GUU, I should probably make it clear that I'm not a huge fan of the Queen Margaret Union either. However, comparatively the QMU is a haven of culture and sophistication. It's most popular night is Friday's ... [more ]
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