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Eastern Anatolia Vacations, Tourism and Travel

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What I liked at this border town 20km from Iran? Nothing. It`s completely filth, full of trash and wasted plastics, and at the lateral parts of the road where the cargo lorries park, the ground looks like an oil field. No kidding.
Being a border town proudly display the characteristic uninteresting architecture, where almost every door is a shop trading with those that come and by.
Actually, after the shock I liked the open view of Agri Dagi also known by the biblical name of Ararat, the supposed dock of Noah`s boat.
To climb the mountain it`s necessary to pass here for last provisions and details. In case of going to Iran, the idea is to pick up any kind of wheels... [more ]

Ani, remainings from a forgotten 'past'

Traveling in to the depths of my country, Turkey was my dream for a long... [more ]

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