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Comfort Hotel München Ost, Munich

4.0 stars
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Comfort Hotel München Ost

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Very bad experience with the receptionist

I made the booking by using the groupon. We were traveling as a family with 2 young children. We stayed from 29.05.2012-01.05.2012.
These are the negatives:
1) no replies via email about my enquiries. After I followed up with them again after 2 weeks, they claimed they did not receive my email?! (maybe it is a bad sign, isn't it?)
2) the receptionist told me that there were rooms available for me. After I gave the the groupon code, I waited 1 overnight for the confirmation. As usual, no response from them. I wrote them again an email to follow up. But the other receptionist told me there were no more rooms for me. I was really disappointed with them. After some tough discussion with them, luckily the PO Manager stood out & gave us the rooms.
3) we checked in on 29.04.2012 at 19:00. The female receptionist was very rude to us. She was very impatience, talked in a very loud tone (for me, like shouted to us), stop us from asking question, felt very annoying to the questions we asked. She even showed us very annoying face. All of us didn't feel good from the first moment we stayed in.
4) we requested for a baby cot on the next morning. The receptionist promised to give us one. Again, NO!!! By the time we were back to our room in the evening, we didn't see the baby cot as promised. My husband went to the receptionist to confirm. The Rude female receptionist was there. We had very bad perspection on her, so my husband asked the other male receptionist who was on duty. Initially he told us they have only 2 baby cots throughout the hotel & all of them have been occupied. But after that he called us in our room saying they he managed to find one for us. He explained that that was a miscommunication about the room number that they have located the baby cot to another room. (Thank you for your hard work! Sorry for not express our appreciation to you on the spot as we were really get frustrated on that time.)
5) During the booking, I was informed that all baby cots have been booked out. The receptionist told me that the bed is "very big" that my baby can sleep with us on the bed. In fact, it's not true. The double bed is indeed very small. I'm 158cm & 60kg and my husband is 180cm & 78kg. We are considerablfy small - normal size. We felt so squeeze to have 3 of us sleeping on the "very big" bed as claimed by the receptionist.

As conclusion, I think the receptionist group need to be improved or to be re-organized. We all felt so dissatisfied with them.

But overall, the rooms are clean but a little bit small. We felt very satisfied with the breakfast. & the breakfast team are very friendly and helpful. Thank you to them as they made our stay in this hotel at least a little bit cheerful [more ]

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Comfort Hotel München Ost

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