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L'Hôtel d'Antheus, Rochebonne

5.0 stars


Déjeuner à l'Hôtel d'Antheus

If you do find yourself staying at the l'Hôtel d'Antheus – which I highly recommend – do take the time to go to the dining room for breakfast. You will be served croissants, bread with lovely jams, apple and orange juice, and your choice of tea, hot chocolate, or coffee. I enjoyed relaxing, munching on assorted breads, and listening to American music from the 50s! This is the traditional French breakfast (sans the music from the 50s), and although it may not sound like much, it is a delicious, filling, and a great way to start the day! [more ]

L'Hôtel d'Antheus

After hours of searching, we finally made our way to L'Hôtel d'Antheus. We were very pleased to find the hotel to be small but beautiful, clean, and oozing with friendly French charm. We were so exhausted that I accidentally left the room keys in the keyhole on the outside of the door. Somehow, we were locked in our room, and since the key was still stuck in the keyhole, we were unable to unlock it from inside! We had to phone the receptionist (who may well be the owner) to come let us out. She was very nice about it though, and she didn’t make us feel like bigger idiots than we already felt like! [more ]

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