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Berlin Restaurants

4.0 stars

Top Restaurants in Berlin

Viva! Mexico 3.0 stars
Mexican - #1 of 31 Restaurants in Berlin
If you're out and visiting the nearby Hamburger Bahnhof or Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin-Mitte, check out the Viva! Mexico restaurant on Chaussestrasse between the two U stations of Schwartzkopffstr and Zinnowizerstarsse. This festively ... [more ]
Due Forni 4.0 stars
Italian - #2 of 31 Restaurants in Berlin
If you enter the restaurant "Due Forni" for the first time you will think something like "well just a normal Italian pizza place", then if you look closer and see all the grafitti on the walls you reconsider "well maybe not that normal" and ... [more ]
Casolare 5.0 stars
Italian - #3 of 31 Restaurants in Berlin
Il casolare, Grimmstraße 30 10967 Berlin phone 030 / 69 50 66 10 Italian place with the best thin and crusty pizza, pasta and salads. one branch is in Kreuzberg (cosy!), the other in Mitte (Senefelder Platz) Good atmosphere, nice interior and ... [more ]
Ostwind 5.0 stars
Asian - #4 of 31 Restaurants in Berlin
It's strange that there are tons of Thai and other Asian restaurants in Berlin, but not much in the way of quality Chinese food. Ostwind fills a gap in the market, which is nice because sometimes you just want a nice, fatty, heavy chinese meal. ... [more ]
Las Cucaracha 4.0 stars
Mexican - #5 of 31 Restaurants in Berlin
Since being in Berlin, I've spent a lot of time eating near the Hackische Hoefe. This is an area with lots of bars and places to eat. Recently I've started at La Cucaracha after I noticed their half off special. Almost everday they offer from ... [more ]
VOX 4.0 stars
Italian - #6 of 31 Restaurants in Berlin
They have a wide variety of food in this Hyatt restaurant, but we stuck to the sushi bar, and it was fantastic. The food was much fresher than we had at dedicated Japanese restauarnts elsewhere in Berlin, and the service was far above average. ... [more ]
Yellow Sunshine 4.0 stars
#7 of 31 Restaurants in Berlin
I think "Yellow Sunshine" is a very strange name for a restaurant, but nonetheless they do have good food, and although it's vegetarian it still appeals to a wide range of tastes. The burgers are very good, everyone seemed to be having them, so ... [more ]
W-Imbiss 4.0 stars
Asian - #8 of 31 Restaurants in Berlin
The W Imbiss is on the corner of Zionskirch strasse and trendy Kastanienallee on the border of Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg. Nestled between a record store and the 103 bar it's easy to spot the take out by the upside down golden arches (not sure how ... [more ]
La Focaceria 4.0 stars
Italian - #9 of 31 Restaurants in Berlin
La Focacceria is a popular place to get Italian style square slices of pizza on focaccia bread. I used to think this place was amazing because if you go with a friend and share six slices for around 4 euros, then you leave feelings as though you ... [more ]
susuru 5.0 stars
Japanese - #10 of 31 Restaurants in Berlin
With the trend toward fancy sushi bars in recent years, it's nice to see a Japanese restaurant that isn't centered around sushi. Susuru is more about hot dishes, which of course lean heavily toward noodle and rice bowls. Everything is so ... [more ]
Nocti Vagus 5.0 stars
European - #11 of 31 Restaurants in Berlin
This is truly a unique experience, unlike any other restaurant I've ever been to. The dining room is completely dark, and by that I mean you literally cannot see your hand in front of your face. The waiters are all blind people, and they bring ... [more ]
Osteria Tarantina 5.0 stars
Italian - #12 of 31 Restaurants in Berlin
The Osteria Tarantina is a hard to find hole in the wall of a tiny restaurant behind the S-bahn Hackescher Markt. It’s on one of those streets whose full name can never fit on a map because the scaled illustration is about a centimeter long and ... [more ]
The Bird 5.0 stars
North American - #13 of 31 Restaurants in Berlin
The Bird sits in the middle of nowhere Prenzlauer Berg. Its wooden tables, brick walls and loud Rock music give it an authentic feel of New York Americana/ Berlin style. The waiters seems to be native English speakers and the crowd is often times ... [more ]
Awesta 5.0 stars
Lebanese - #14 of 31 Restaurants in Berlin
Awesta is a small plastic makeshift Imbiss next to a tiny trailer flowershop on Stromstrasse and the intersection of Turmstrasse. Inside, you’ll find astroturf and some plastic chairs and tables and one friendly man behind the counter. By the ... [more ]
Bellissimo 5.0 stars
Italian - #15 of 31 Restaurants in Berlin
I'm glad to be writing about yet another great restaurant that I have come across on my travels. This time, it's "Bellissimo", a quaint Italian restaurant, run by Italian people, with an authentic Italian atmosphere. The food is Hungarian...just ... [more ]
Ciao Italia 5.0 stars
Italian - #16 of 31 Restaurants in Berlin
The sad part about restaurants in Western Berlin is that there isn’t much human traffic in the area in comparison to Hackescher Markt or on Kastanienallee in the East. Ciao Italia seems like one of those places that will eventually close down ... [more ]
Trattoria Peretti 5.0 stars
Italian - #17 of 31 Restaurants in Berlin
This is pretty much a carbon copy of a real Italian restaurant in Italy, and it has absolutely wonderful food. I suspect the owners may actually be Italian, and quite often you will find the dining room full of Italians and their families, which ... [more ]
Burgermeister 4.0 stars
North American - #18 of 31 Restaurants in Berlin
Of course I had to try an American restaurant called Burgermeister! Even though they have quite expensive food, you're paying more for the location and the atmosphere, as well as the decor. But don't get me wrong, the food is excellent, ... [more ]
Hasir 4.0 stars
Turkish - #19 of 31 Restaurants in Berlin
Germany has a lot of good Turkish restaurants, and this is one of the more popular ones in Berlin. It's quite busy, even noisy at times, but the hectic atmosphere seems to work well here, beacuse it means the service is prompt and the food comes ... [more ]
Dressler 4.0 stars
French - #20 of 31 Restaurants in Berlin
This is a perfect place for a special night out if you want an evening to remember. It's a very posh French restaurant with a formal atmosphere and a beautiful dining room. The prices are actually very reasonable considering how amazing the ... [more ]
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