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Berlin Bars

4.0 stars

Berlin bar reviews from insiders

St. Oberholz 4.0 stars
#1 of 36 Bars & Cafés in Berlin
St Oberholz offers a free wireless internet connection in an atmosphere that screams Berlin. The food and drinks are overpriced and the muffins taste like rubber. Although the internet connection is the full four rungs on your Mac because about ... [more ]
Würgeengel 4.0 stars
#2 of 36 Bars & Cafés in Berlin
This bar is so lovely. I really hate dirty, sleazy drinking holes - I want a nice, comfortable place to have a cocktail, with a great atmosphere and beautiful surroundings. The decor in this place is fantastic, very dark and luxurious, and the ... [more ]
Panorama Bar 4.0 stars
#3 of 36 Bars & Cafés in Berlin
This is a really cool club located near the East Main Train station at the Wriezener Bahnhof. Every week they get some of the best electronic artists to play some of the newest music. Come on Saturday and Sunday and the place is completely open ... [more ]
Hard Rock Café 4.0 stars
#4 of 36 Bars & Cafés in Berlin
The Hard Rock Café Berlin was pretty standard fare as far as I’m concerned. My girl friend and I have been to Hard Rock Café’s in several countries and many cities, but Berlin’s was honestly on the weak side from what I saw. Let’s start with ... [more ]
Ankerklause 5.0 stars
#5 of 36 Bars & Cafés in Berlin
trendy café, bistro, bar at „Paul Linke Ufer" In the evenings often party at the weekend, it is packed with locals, that want to party! Great atmosphere, cheap drinks and excellent partying guaranteed! [more ]
Weinerei 5.0 stars
#6 of 36 Bars & Cafés in Berlin
The Weinerei was a legend that I finally found in Berlin. The first time I had heard about it was through a friend who had heard from someone that near Rosenthaler Platz or Rosa-Luxemburg there was this bar that offered an all your could drink ... [more ]
Café Morgenrot 4.0 stars
#7 of 36 Bars & Cafés in Berlin
I always get the feeling that the coffe place "Morgenrot" is constantly packed. Probably it is because I always came on Sundays, the day when they offer a delicious vegan brunch. I can just tell you to try the milk-and egg free solution because ... [more ]
Aldemir 4.0 stars
#8 of 36 Bars & Cafés in Berlin
I had a friend visiting once and after having gelato here she said, "Johanna, you should work at a place like this, learn how they're making the gelato and then we can open a similar place in the US and become millionaires." No, I am not working ... [more ]
Frarosa 4.0 stars
#9 of 36 Bars & Cafés in Berlin
Restaurant Frarosa – a cozy place, candles on the tables and you can chill on couches. You feel like sitting in a big living room. Frarosa is not only a restaurant but also well known for its wine. On the counter you can find open bottles of wine ... [more ]
Café Hardenberg 4.0 stars
#10 of 36 Bars & Cafés in Berlin
Café Hardenburg is a West Berlin institution attracting mainly students studying at the Technical University nearby. The waitresses are not always in the know of what the daily special is but perhaps an exam is eating away at their attention. ... [more ]
Prater 4.0 stars
#11 of 36 Bars & Cafés in Berlin
Prater is a beer garden/traditional German food hall in city that doesn’t have many. During the summer, I couldn’t understand the attraction of this place because the actual outdoor garden wasn’t much to look at and the beer seemed overpriced ... [more ]
Cassonade 4.0 stars
#12 of 36 Bars & Cafés in Berlin
Cassonade is an oasis of a girly Belgian café serving fresh waffles and Belgian fruit beers. You can also get other Belgian paraphernalia such as TinTin character figures and comic books and also chocolates. It’s actually hard to image a guy ... [more ]
Tadschikische Teestube 4.0 stars
#13 of 36 Bars & Cafés in Berlin
Tadshikische Teestube is hard to pinpoint. Initially, I thought it just had a unique name but now I know it refers to the region where the interior design comes from. The décor is a mesh between Southeast Asia, India, Morocco and the Middle ... [more ]
Olivia 4.0 stars
#14 of 36 Bars & Cafés in Berlin
Olivia is a delicate little cafe on Wuelischstasse, Friedrichshain that sells tea, fine chocolates, cakes, snacks and cordials. The interior is light, white and very cute. It's an unusual place in the suburb it sits and overall has a very 19th ... [more ]
Im Nu 4.0 stars
#15 of 36 Bars & Cafés in Berlin
The coffee place “Im Nu” is one of the places I love to go on Sundays for brunching. For about seven Euros you can eat as much as you want. Scrambled eggs, Yoghurt, pasta, olives, dried tomatoes, cakes, mousse au chocolate, rolls, cheese, ... [more ]
White Trash Fast Food 4.0 stars
Fast Food - #16 of 36 Bars & Cafés in Berlin
White Trash Fast Food is located in an ornate Chinese restaurant with sporadic additions of an irreverent, rock hillbilly aesthetic. They have one stage about the size of two tables elevated and next to the bar where Indie and rock acts squeeze ... [more ]
Kaufbar 4.0 stars
#17 of 36 Bars & Cafés in Berlin
"Kaufbar" in Friedrischshain is a coffee place and furniture store at the same time. Everything is used but still in good shape. So all the couches, tables, chairs, and everything else in the shop is for sale. So the couch where you are just ... [more ]
Blumencafé 4.0 stars
#18 of 36 Bars & Cafés in Berlin
The "Blumencafé" is a mix of coffee place and flower shop. You feel like in a nice garden while outside the busy life of Schönhauser Allee is going on and on. The coffee shop area is designed like a nice winter garden. You can get nice organic ... [more ]
Wohnzimmer 4.0 stars
#19 of 36 Bars & Cafés in Berlin
"Wohnzimmer" means living room in German and that is what this coffee place is. The most comfortable place around Helmholtzplatz. You really feel like home or even more like in grandma´s living room. There are old couches, old-fashioned wall ... [more ]
40 Seconds 4.0 stars
#20 of 36 Bars & Cafés in Berlin
I went to the 40 Seconds Club not knowing what to expect and was very surprised by the luxury they offer. The bad part is that you get to pay for all that luxury. They charge for the entrance and it’s pretty expensive. Needless to say, all the ... [more ]
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