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Belarus Travel Tips

4.0 stars

Insider advice for your Belarus vacation

Nearest future smoking restrictions in Belarus 4 stars
Year 2008 is decided to be The Year of Health in Belarus. Therefore they arrange different health related activities. Smoking is of course one of the issues the government is going to concentrate on.
When I normally go to Belarus from Europe I see a great difference between attitudes to smoking. You can smoke almost everywhere, including all public places like restaurants. This time seems to be over. Now they are going to be even stricter then in Europe. Not that it will be forbidden to smoke in public buildings, but also outside areas will be restricted. Soon they are going to arrange special places for smokers in hotels, dining places, parks, squares and public gardens. It reminds me of the family-friendly resort Ocean City in New Jersey State in USA where you can see small square parts of the board walk, which are the only places for smokers on the promenade.


Driving in Belarus 3 stars
Driving in Belarus can be quite a headache if you come from some country with organized and disciplined drivers. People don't care that much about the rules, they speed up like rockets and change lanes randomly and suddenly without any signals, cutting your way.
Police seems to "like" cars with foreign license plates, so they can jump out of the bush and try to get some money accusing the driver in unbelievable violation of the traffic rules.
All the traffic signs are in Belorussian so it is hard to read and follow and the directions.
What I like is the petrol stations which look very nice and new, with good facilities. They accept Euro and Dollars, which I find very continent when I just pass the country, because I don't need to bother looking for money exchange.


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