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Big Ben, London

4.0 stars


Big Ben, big and beautiful

As I approached the Big Ben for the very fist time I was taking aback by the size of it. It was incredibly beautiful and much more impressive of what it appeared in pictures. The fantastic clock is one of the most beautiful in the world and the laborious design is worth admiring. It normally take 10 minutes to take some pictures before just moving on into other great things to see ,such as the Westminster Abbey, 1 min away or across the bridge to the London Eye and the Aquarium. Of course, while there, as everyone does, it is worth to check the time to make sure one is on time. [more ]

Not so big

In reality, the Big Ben is not so big. In it's time i imagine it would have been overpowering but in the modern world to me it is just another monument. However it is necessary I think to prove that you were in London to take a suitable amount of photos with it in the background. i wouldn't get too excited about it's enormity though. [more ]

Big Ben: can't miss it and shouldn't

I remember when I was in school, I once told my friend, unimpressed with travel, that I would never go somewhere to take a picture of a clock. I guess I still wouldn't go for that sole reason, but when I saw Big Ben, from a distance I knew that I had to snap a photo.

For those types like me, that feel compelled to prove that you were at a famous landmark, seeing Big Ben will be an important part of your trip to London. In the typical Gothic style, it is attached to the English Parliament buildings (which I call the Guy Fawkes Memorial) and, if not lured by impressive architecture, then at least you should visit it so you can take a picture of yourself with the clock in the background.

Nothing says "I was in London" better and the best time to do it would be on a Sunday which are drabby and desolate in downtown London. Otherwise you might literally be fighting for space on the sidewalk and not able to get the best angle you want. See my picture for an example of a bad 'Big Ben' photo. [more ]

Big Ben

The big question that people always ask about Big Ben- is it really worth seeing- it's just a clock after all?

I'm not really sure what the answer to that is, to be honest. It is an amazing size and I don't think seeing it on television can prepare you for the sheer size and splendour (if that's the right word) of this. But, at the end of the day, there's not much you can do with it- just stand there and look at it- but at least it's free!

In it's favour, it is an intergral part of London' skyline and a historical landmark. [more ]

Big Ben

Much like meeting a familiar brother you always knew existed but had only seen in photos. In real life Big Ben is as big as I expected, although perhaps somewhat stouter and squatter. I guess they say that famous people tend to be shorter than you expect in real life, and I now see that that goes for famous buildings too!
Big Ben must be seen on a trip to London and as it's on a great walking route you can take in the River, the London Eye, The Millenium Bridge, Houses of Parliament, Downing Street etc etc bydoing one big circuit - wear comfy shoes! CLearly there is always hundreds of European youth travellers crowding the street. And this is definately the more serious touristy side of London. But it must, of course, be seen! [more ]

Big Ben

We stepped down the cruise and the first thing we saw was the Big Ben. It came as a shock to both of us because we thought it would be a lot smaller... It was a great sight so we hurried to get a closer look and some pictures.
We were really exited about it... according to our guide the clock was once the biggest four faced clock in the world, now it is only the biggest four faced chimney clock... but i guess it doesn't really matter... the clock is huge and beautiful. Of course it is also perhaps the most famous landmark of London. It is certainly a must if you visit... I had great expectations about the building since it is something everyone knows and talks about, and the Big Be was better than what I had expected. [more ]

The Big Ben

The Big Ben strikes for its majesty. The extremely detailed style of the whole Westminster Houses of Parliament is able to hypnotise and the Big Ben leaves speechless for its overwhelming presence.
One of the most famous attractions in the world, landmark of the touristic London, symbol of its political hub, the Big Ben has quietly been witnessing the increasing the hustle and bustle of its city since the nineteenth century. Any side you watch it, it wins. It can look familiar, threatening, wrapped in haze or bright with sun rays, it's always the most powerful symbol of Britain and one of the most popular touristic destinations in Europe. Any tourist in London points at the Big Ben for a photo, anybody proudly wants to be in its company even only for a moment. My first trip in Central London was aimed at the Big Ben, I knew it was huge but I felt overwhelmed as soon as I got out of the tube. It's just a clock tower but it's amazing. [more ]

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