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Louvre, Paris

4.0 stars


The Louvre Museum - Disappointing!

You can’t miss the iconic glass pyramids above the Louvre and the beautiful old buildings surrounding it make a real impression. The Louvre is one of the most famous landmarks of Paris and houses the Mona Lisa, but I have to say I found it rather disappointing. It is always incredibly busy and you will have to queue at most times of the year and times of the day.

There are always a huge number of people; massive tour groups, loads of school kids, tourists and families surging through the halls. This didn’t create an atmosphere conducive to viewing paintings and meant it was really hard to stop and enjoy anything. If you are mainly going to see the Mona Lisa, you will be sorely disappointed. Firstly it is tiny, secondly it is roped off so you can’t get anywhere near it and thirdly there’s always such a crowd that you are pushed passed it before you’ve had so much as a glimpse. There are some real masterpieces in the Louve, I just wish they would limit the numbers so you were able to enjoy them. [more ]

Who you lookin at Lisa?

Th Louvre often gets a bad rap, and is referrred to more as the 'tourist museum' in Paris. I may just be a humble tourist, but I liked it and think it may not be the best Paris has to offer but is worth including on your itinerary. The line to see the Mona Lisa is always reportedly bad, but I may have been lucky because I found it ok. Seeing the Mona Lisa was worth the entry fee, because it is such an iconic picture. [more ]

Most beautiful arts but not so easy to see

I know that the huge Louvre Museum has one of the best collections of the world; however it is not the best for me in Paris. The museum is so big that it is easy to get lost inside and is impossible to see everything in just one visit. Besides this, the queues to see the famous paintings of the museum, like Mona Lisa (La Gioconda), are stressful, specially in the summer. Although the museum is beautiful and very interesting, I prefer to explore outside of the museum than inside. The building, located in the border of Seine River, has a fascinating architecture and amazing gardens such as the Tuileries, just few minutes from the Louvre. The modern pyramid, the main entrance of the museum, is subject of contradictory opinions, but now is also symbol of the Louvre and you can observe many tourists taking photos of it. I would suggest a walk nearby the museum, so you can have great views over Louvre and Seine region. [more ]


La Louvre is the most amazing museum I have ever seen. You can spend days just walking the different galleries and enjoying the art piecesfrom all over the world. Except from the main point of interest (including, of course Mona Lisa) there are many other not so famous painters and works that definitely should be seen. Important advice – don’texpect to see everything in just e few hours, because you will end running in the galleries and seein only the famous objects. [more ]

Greek wonders in Louvre

The Greek sculpture department in Louvre is a must-see for artists as well as for the rest. in fact, is one of the most wonderful parts of the giant museum The Winged Victory of Samothrace and the Venus de Milo are among the most admired, being a core of Greek spirit, carved in stone This Greek metaphoric philosophy in stone traces this artistic quest of sculptors who had an indelible influence on Western art, as you stroll around the impressive human sculptures. I also loved the way the interiors are arranged for the massive sculptures. [more ]

Take It or Leave It

I can take the Louvre or leave it. The lines aren't necessarily as bad
as they're made out to be, but the collection isn't necessarily as
great as it's made out to be. If you can crane your neck, you can see
the Mona Lisa or Winged Victory. Apart from that, while the art
collection is vast and impressive, it's not much different from other
European art collections. It's also a pretty intense afternoon of art,
so if you just want to get a tasting platter I'd suggest checking out
one of Paris' numerous smaller galleries. [more ]

Massive and overwhelming

The Louvre is one of the main attractions that people feel that they have to visit if they are ever in Paris, but it took me several visits to actually make it there. To try to see "the Louvre" in its entirety is nearly impossible and is a very unpleasant experience.

Much better is to choose a few targets to visit, and then get yourself in and out of the Louvre. The Mona Lisa really isn't worth the hype: reproductions do the tiny portrait much more justice than the room filled with tourists does to the picture, which is now covered with a thick sheet of plexiglass anyway.

More impressive are the large-scale French paintings, such as Liberty Leading the People, as well as the huge sculptures. Do your research ahead of time and head straight for what you want to see. Otherwise, you will find yourself quite lost and overwhelmed. [more ]

Le Louvre

Of course you want to see the statues of Venus de Milo and Nike of Samothrace, as well as DaVinci’s Mona Lisa and other paintings; crowns set with sparkling jewels; Claude Perault’s monumental colonnade; and portraits of kings, sinners and Liberty Leading the People. But what you probably don’t know is that with the right soles on your shoes, you can slide along like an ice skater – a bit of the quotidian in the grand palace. [more ]

Louvre is going high tech

From today (18.02.2008) there is a new multimedia guide in Louvre available for rent. This is a palm computer with head set and stylo, which weights just 280 gr. At the moment it contains 350 comments for 200 museum items (from the total of 35000). By the end of the year the numbers will reach 1000 for 600.
This computer has a plan of Louvre, so it is almost impossible to get lost now (I wonder if soon they will add GPS function). The screen shows the item itself and the comments.There are 9 routes (there will be 15 later) from 45 minutes to 2 hours with different topics. They have also made a special rout for children.
The price sounds very reasonable - 6 EUR against the previous century's ordinary audio guide for 5 EUR.
I can't wait to try this little museum wonder. [more ]


Who goes to Paris and doesn't visit the Louvre? It really is a must-see. The most important thing to know about it is that it's really difficult to visit the whole museum. I couldn't. As much as I was enjoying myself and as much as I wanted to see more and more of it, I just couldn't keep walking. I'm glad we saw the most famous works of art, but I would've definitely liked to see more. The museum started to exist in the 18th century, but it has been improved and extended on several occasions ever since. The lovely glass pyramid in the center of the square is in itself a main tourist attraction, so I think you should dedicate a whole day to this museum. There's a special atmosphere in there and you feel great watching the most famous works of art so closely. The souvenir shop is extremely expensive, so we didn't buy anything. [more ]

Cracking "The Da Vinci Code"

This is a tip for big Dan Brown's fans. I am not a crazy about his books, but I've read couple of them, including Da Vinci Code and I've also seen the movie. My husband is a huge fan, so we found and interesting tour for him in Louvre. During 2.5 hours it follows all the main traces of Robert Langdon's Parisian adventures not only inside of the museum but also outside. I found it even more interesting then the movie! This tour is also interesting for those who likes symbolism in Art. The guide tells many theories about different painting in Louvre and their possible explanations.
We've booked the tour online, but probably it may be possible at the Museum information office. [more ]

Louvre Museum

The Louvre is without a doubt the largest and most famous museum in all of France. At the Louvre you can observe firsthand, priceless works of art from very famous artists such as Da Vinci. If you have read the Da Vinci code or seen the movie you will also be able to recognize a lot of the sights described in there. Make sure you do not go there with the attitude like there is not going to be a long line because you will be sadly mistaken. If the line is outrageously long, go take a walk around the city and try to come back at a different time. Try not to go there during peak times such as the weekends or holidays. If you travel to Paris, the Louvre is a must see. [more ]

Museum: Louvre

Louvre is the most famous but also one of the largest museum in the world. It is in the very heart of Paris. Its collection is about 300 000 works among which is the Mona Lisa. I walked along the many artworks but I had to stop and admire the most famous painting in the world. I felt lucky to be able to see a collection that first began displaying in 1789. The Louvre is a wonderful building but it was done in more than one stage. The glass pyramid is the last part added to the building. It mixes the modern touch of glass with the very old idea of a pyramid. Two types of architectures mixed near the most famous artworks in the world. The building itself is a palace, two stories high with two courtyards that you must see if you ever go to Paris. [more ]

Visiting the Mona Lisa, Paris

On my most recent trip to Paris I managed to spend some time at the Louvre. Yes of course I wanted to see the Mona Lisa, but my afternoon had many more surprises than that. There was only one disappointment and that was that the Louvre is such a large place that I didn’t have enough time to see everything. I think that you would need have a whole day or even a couple of days to fully appreciate the place. Anyway, I did get to see the fabled painting, and this is set in a large square room which seemed to be perpetually full of crowds of people all with the same goal! Once I had "been there and done that", I had time to look at some of the other exhibits. Of particular interest were statues and other artifacts from as far back in time as the year 5000 AD, possibly more impressive the painting itself. [more ]

The Louvre in a Day!

Making the most out of your visit to the Louvre

The Louvre is a physically vast museum fully occupying at least three buildings and an underground receiving cum transit area under the famous pyramid with a collection and exhibition of antiquities, artifacts, and works of art until the 18th century in a quantity unmatched anywhere in the world. Moreover, the geographical and chronological scope/coverage of the collection lodged in three adjoining palaces (Denon, Sully, and Richelieu which in themselves are monuments of architectural magnitude, is unimaginably large. Thus, attempting to cover the entire collection in the span of a day 's visit is literally impossible.

The following tips might be instructive in terms of maximizing one's exposure to the best, if not the most popular, items/artifacts in this collection for a greater appreciation of its value and the breadth and range of artistic production in painting, sculpture, the graphic arts, and interiors. At the entrances to the exhibit areas underneath the pyramid, one must get a copy of the museum plan and spend a few minutes choosing 3-4 exhibits of your personal preference. Better still, you could rank the entire exhibited collection (arranged in themes/civilizations) in your order of preference. Next, determine the location of these preferred exhibits and make this your viewing itinerary. The plan also indicates the location of the most popular pieces in the exhibited collection like the winged victory, da Vinci's Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, etc. Determine the location of these significant pieces and include these in the your existing itinerary. With this, you should proceed without haste and make your "customized" day at the Louvre a personally meaningful and productive experience!

But then again you could join the proverbial comprehensive tour with the hustle and bustle of the herd led by the nose by the perennial tour guide! [more ]

When to visit the Louvre

I am a big fan of visiting the Louvre out of season. I love traveling to Paris and the Louvre, for its fantastic galleries, is one of my favorite museums, but part of enjoying artwork and history is the personal quiet time one can take to appreciate various works. Going to a museum should be a fun activity that does not involve waiting in line, and yet, two of the three times I have been to this world famous museum I have had to wait in line all day just so I could see the basic galleries. Do not even get me started on the specialty exhibits. I was once forced to wait in line for the Mona Lisa, and I never plan on doing it again. I appreciate classic paintings as much as the next guy, but there are seriously hundreds of amazing works at this museum, and I find it completely unnecessary to stop and visit just one because it is the most famous. On one visit to the museum during an off-season day, I was surprised to still find endless lines forming for the main event exhibits, leaving me a big, almost empty museum to explore in the meantime. The architectural design of the museum is simple yet stylish, and has always made me more comfortable than most American art museums I have visited. The way corridors blend into others like caverns made by professional architects always make me feel like I was on an adventure to visit the various art pieces, and it didn’t surprise me in the least that a certain movie would be set here. The one downside about the museum (other than the crowds) is that the Louvre uses the same orangish museum lighting that so many American museums use that just make me sleepy the longer I stay there. Also, the prices are rather high, but for a visit to one of the largest art museums in the world, I would rarely expect anything less (the Met in NY is still 1 cent for cheap admission). In conclusion, if you have not been to the Louvre, and you are going to Paris, definitely go, but also definitely plan to spend an entire day there. [more ]

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